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7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

1. They always wear their heart on their sleeve

7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

Intelligent women have been known to be extremely in touch with their emotions, so when the situation calls for it, they’ll let it all out.

They never mince their words and you always know what you’re getting yourself into with them.

This may be seen as a bad thing, since it’s not always advisable to be so open with how you’re feeling to the point of being considered that “crazy girlfriend,” but they just don’t give a fuck.

They’ll be however the hell they want to be because they don’t have the need to hide anything from anyone.

Some may consider it a nasty quality, but honestly, it’s their best!

It saves them a lot of their precious time and weeds out all the toxic people from their life before it’s too late.

2. They are extremely driven and work oriented

7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

They know what they want and they go for it. Some may perceive it as a negative thing, but when you think about is, it really isn’t.

They are always there for their loved ones, and simply because they choose to prioritise their work and ambitions, it doesn’t mean they’ve got their priorities wrong.

It means they can care about more than just one thing at the same time, and still make things work.

Whoever can’t deal with an ambitious woman with a strong mind isn’t worth her time anyway.

And the good thing is – they don’t care! Those who are meant to be in their lives will be just fine with their admirable work ethic.

3. They don’t pretend to care about things they don’t give a shit about

7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

They simply don’t have time to indulge somebody’s fragile ego by giving their time to something that is not even near the spectrum of their interest. They’re too busy making a name for themselves.

And if somebody cannot deal with this, tough on them. Who has time to worry about things that are not of any relevance to them?

They’re not here to stroke anyone’s ego.

If you need validation, you’re in the wrong place. They care about things of substance and things that actually make a difference.

But trivial stuff that bugs one person is something an intelligent woman will never waste her time on. She’s got better shit to do.

4. They don’t keep things bottled up and always speak their mind

7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

If something’s bugging them, they’ll let you know. If they have a problem with your stance on a particular topic, they’ll have no problem discussing it with you. And if you annoy them in any way, you’ll be made aware of it.

Bottling things up and exploding one day just isn’t their thing.

They deal with shit on time and that way they never have stuff bothering them on the inside and influencing their current mood. They don’t have time for that.

Everything is dealt with in a timely fashion and nobody’s feelings are spared. You get what you ask for; no more, no less.

They are outspoken but always fair. They are smart enough to know that suppressed emotions lead to inevitable wars in the future.

So they’d rather always keep it real and risk hurting your feelings with the simple truth rather than stroke your ego with white lies.

5. They don’t have the need to slow down and don’t like being told to do so

7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

Intelligent women are organized, ambitious, and hard working. They plan their lives ahead so that there are never any unpleasant surprises.

They are always working on being better, smarter, and more successful. The sky’s the limit.

Some find this to be a bit much and offer their unsolicited advice to slow down. But why would they?

They are like a well-oiled machine. Everything is in check and always running smoothly.

If they don’t have a problem with being organized and efficient, why would you?

Instead of putting them down for their ambition and work ethic, why don’t you lift them up instead and admire their ability to juggle many things at once. It takes a real woman to be able to do that with success.

6. They don’t waste their time at parties and events they don’t want to attend

7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

Just because they get invited to a bunch of social gatherings and get-togethers does not mean they are obliged to attend every single one just for the sake of it.

They prioritize those they actually want to go to and leave out ones they find boring or simply unnecessary.

They don’t have time to waste visiting people and places that are of no interest to them.

While they are grateful for the invite, they don’t feel the need to go just to be polite.

They would rather spend their time on something more meaningful. And there is not a damn thing wrong with that.

Life is too short to spend it on people and things that don’t bring you any happiness. Intelligent women are mature enough to recognize that.

7. They go all in when they’re in love and put their passionate side on display

7 Bad Habits All Intelligent Women Have In Common

Some men mind find this intimidating, but when an intelligent woman is in love, she goes all in.

She doesn’t play games and she never plays hard to get. She is here and she is ready to be loved.

Why waste time being coy and aloof when you can show your emotions and let the chemistry guide you?

If they’ve chosen to spend time with you, it means they are really into you. They know what they want and they always go after it.

Don’t waste her time by being intimidated by her dedication and choice to be genuine.

Appreciate a woman who values what’s in front of her and doesn’t play around waiting to lose it.

She’s a real gem, so keep her around and show her you see her value. If you don’t, somebody else will!