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7 Reasons Love Simply Isn’t Enough To Keep You Two Together

7 Reasons Love Simply Isn’t Enough To Keep You Two Together

We get carried away by the feeling of love that we sometimes even forget that other things in relationships also matter. Love blinds us and it doesn’t let us see the true side of people, so we run away with this feeling of absolutely adoring this person and we forget about all those things that make us incompatible. Two people can love each other enormously and still decide that it would be better to split up because they have different views of how relationships should work. There are simply some obvious reasons why love isn’t enough:

1. We have wants and needs

You have to have someone by your side who is willing to do things for you and put some effort into the relationship. It’s not always about kissing and having fun when you’re out. How about when you get sick and your partner refuses to be by your side and help you get better? How about when he doesn’t text you for days? You can’t actually make love an excuse to keep on being there for this particular person when they don’t deserve it. You have wants and needs in your relationship that simply have to be respected.

2. Communication

Love is a feeling that can be described as pure joy and happiness, like you’re floating on air and your partner is holding your hand on the way to eternity. But let’s be real, how would relationships look without good communication? When you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to talk about their emotions and who doesn’t want to ask you about your day because they don’t like to talk much, how do you feel? You feel misunderstood and lonely. Communication really is needed in order to help you two stay together.

3. Anger management

Anger, just like love, is an emotion that has a certain purpose. But anger does need to be managed because otherwise it would be destructive! If he’s throwing things around and yelling at you, without the need to sit down and talk to you in a normal tone, then love shouldn’t be the reason you’re with him. Your own safety and your own life are more important than staying with an abuser like he is.

4. We all have our limits

When he says ‘I love you’ it doesn’t guarantee that he is going to stay faithful to you. If he is cheating on you it means that he has crossed the line and no matter how much you love him you shouldn’t be putting up with him. Leave! Because it’s not just love that keeps us faithful to our partner but our moral compass and the fact that we don’t want to risk an amazing relationship with one person for something temporary like a one-night stand.

5. Common goals

In relationships, common goals are extremely important. When you’re starting a relationship with someone whose goal is to move out of the country but yours is to have a career in your hometown, then this relationship simply won’t work in the long run. We all have goals set for our life and if we have someone who’s interfering with our dreams there is no way we can be happy in the relationship. Love isn’t enough to keep you together if you have two different ideas of how your lives should work out.

6. You should know your self-worth

Let’s be honest, people throw around the sentence ‘Love is unconditional’ like it’s a good thing. Only insecure people who don’t know their own worth will accept their partner to be mean to them and to never appreciate them. We should know our own self-worth so that no one can tell us what to do, or not to do. We need to know our own self-worth so that we don’t let people take advantage of our love, because we love ourself more!

7. Relationships are hard work

Just like an individual, two people have to work on their relationship on a daily basis. This way it becomes more interesting with each day and it evolves into something beautiful. Relationships aren’t easy and you can’t really be with someone who isn’t willing to learn how to express his emotions and so on.