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7 Reasons Married Men Still Fall For Other Women

7 Reasons Married Men Still Fall For Other Women

The time we currently live in is full of situations in which married men fall for other women.

There are so many things that can affect that like middle age crisis when they want to boost their egos with young and attractive women or just losing the emotional tie that links two partners.

But to make a long story short, here are some proven reasons why married men fall for other women in the first place. So keep reading!

The lack of sex

unhappy couple sitting on the bed

You see, men are quite simple creatures.

There are things that they need in a relationship, and if you are not providing him with the things he needs while he fulfills all your wishes, he will probably find someone else who will give him all that he needs.

I know that the best thing would be to sit and talk openly with your partner about every problem that occurs, but some men are quite proud, and they don’t want to act like a needy person.

That’s why things like this happen. If guys don’t get sex in a relationship, they will unfortunately find another women who will give them what they crave.

They lose the emotional bond with their wives

sad woman sitting on bed while man typing

You see, men are emotional human beings just like women, and they have emotional needs like we all do.

But if a man sees that he is not on the same emotional level with his wife, he will try to find someone who will be able to understand him better.

In fact, they all try to find something that they lost a long time ago with their partners.

They need someone who will understand them, someone who will listen to them and who won’t judge them for their actions.

And if they find someone like that in another woman, they will go to her.

They want to hurt their partners because their partners cheated on them

serious woman looking at man typing

There are guys who were cheated on, and the reason they seduce other women is because they want to hurt their partner just like she did to them.

They do it to get revenge and in that way, feel better in their own skin.

They would never do it if everything was normal in their marriage, but the fact that someone made a fool out of them makes them explode.

So, they will even sleep with a woman who is not as beautiful as their wife just so they could feel that they are now even.

I personally think that this is not going to solve their problems and that they should try to find the reason why that happened in the first place.

They got a chance to cheat

passionate couple kissing on the floor

Maybe some guys wouldn’t cheat on their wives if they didn’t have a chance to do that.

If they were miserable, with marriage problems, and then all of a sudden, a woman full of understanding who offered them some comfort showed up, most of them would cheat.

They would calm their consciences by saying to themselves that they deserve some happiness because they have been neglected for such a long time.

They won’t feel any remorse for doing that because they are sad in their marriage, and they feel like their wives don’t actually pay attention to them.

Some of them won’t be able to keep that secret for a long time, so they will blab about everything, but others will continue ‘sitting on two chairs’ without any problems.

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The middle age crisis

man kissing woman passionately

Yup! The middle age crisis, that sneaky bastard, has killed so many love relationships, and guys still don’t try to do something about it.

I mean, it is not like they can control it or something, but some effort wouldn’t kill them.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons why some married men fall for other girls.

When guys reach a certain age, they actually realize that they are getting older and that they can’t do the same things like while they were young.

And in all that mess, they do crazy things like selling their cars and getting a motorcycle or hooking up with a new woman who is half as young as they are.

She is nothing more than an ego boost, and they don’t have any special emotional relationship with her.

But that doesn’t erase the fact that they cheated on their wife with that girl. And that is something no woman should ever forgive.

They do it to improve their career

woman and man holding hands in the office

There are men who want to improve their careers, and they are ready to do all that is needed to get where they want to be.

That’s why they decide to seduce a woman who is in a high position in their workplace and who could help them get where they want to be.

This is called ‘taking advantage of someone’, but some men are okay with doing that because they won’t be the one who will get hurt in the end.

Men like that don’t have any problems sleeping with a woman and telling her that they love her just to get what they want.

And once they do, they will dump her and forget all about her like she has never been a part of their lives.

And even if this is something that they do for only a short period of time, it is not an excuse for what they did.

They do it for the money

man holding wallet and money

Believe it or not there are men who would actually sleep with a woman if she will support them financially.

That’s why they will betray their long-term partners and go with the first rich woman who comes into their lives.

Of course, there are loving and caring guys who would never leave their wives for I don’t know how much money, but there are also jerks who would sell their souls to the devil for some extra bucks. And you know what the worst part is?

When that rich woman gets enough of them, she will dump them and leave them like they were never a part of her life.

7 Reasons Married Men Still Fall For Other Women