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7 Reasons Why Sensual Sex Is The Best Sex

7 Reasons Why Sensual Sex Is The Best Sex

We tend to think that being sensual when it comes to sex makes us vulnerable and that sex loses its purpose when bringing sensuality into it.

We skip the slow sex, we skip gentle touches and get right to the rough part. Let me tell you that sensual sex will give you a whole new outlook on the act and it won’t make you think that vulnerability in sex is a bad thing.

You’re letting someone be ‘one’ with you. One more thing which is very important is to mix things up a bit. Try new things and experiment.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll make you fall in love with sex and your partner even more. There is nothing more beautiful than that and here are the reasons why:

Both of you can take your time

It’s not the fast type of sex that makes you lose your mind in seconds. No. Let’s be honest here, men can’t last too long if you two bang away too fast.

When it comes to sensual sex, it takes longer, it makes you feel more and feel much better. You don’t have to rush anywhere. Take your time to have sex.

It’s romantic

We all need romance in our relationships. That’s why we start relationships, to feel bonded and to feel loved. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Sensual sex is really personal and it makes us connect on new levels, not only physically but also emotionally. It’s the magic that hides behind the physical part of sex.

The end is much stronger

Because of the fact that the tension between you two is building up more while having sensual sex, your end product will be much stronger and unlike anything you have ever felt before.

Because of this slow type of sex, you will feel a whole new dimension of joy that no other type of sex can give you.

It helps you to find out new things that you might like

When having fast sex, you don’t actually know exactly which part of it felt so good because of the fact that it was over so quickly.

When you take it slow, you know what feels right, you know what you want and how you want it. You also have enough time to tell your partner what you want and communicate about everything that feels right.

It has more meaning

Would you want it to be meaningless if you’ve dedicated time and energy into it? It’s the meaning that counts.

When there is meaning behind it, it will make you crave it more and you will remember every little aspect of it.

It’s something new

It’s really important to add variety into your life, in every aspect. If you’ve always had rough sex, sensuality will give you a new perspective on sex in general!

Also, no one is telling you to only have this type of sex for the rest of your life. Add something different every time and you will see how exciting and wonderful sex can be at the same time.

You will get a better connection

You will connect on a higher emotional level with your partner and with yourself. Even if the emotional connection wasn’t there before, sensual sex will help you find it.

Even if you’ve been a bit distant with your partner lately, sensual sex will make it all better.