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7 Red Flag Signs He Is Taking You For Granted

7 Red Flag Signs He Is Taking You For Granted

When you are in love, it is very difficult to see if your man is taking you for granted because you are totally blind and you see positive things only.

That’s why so many women stay in toxic relationships, thinking that their partner’s bad behavior is just a phase and that they will soon get back to normal.

In this way, they are just deceiving themselves and putting someone else first.

In the end, they get their hearts broken and get depressed because they wasted the best years of their lives on someone who isn’t worthy at all.

If you want to prevent yourself being taken for granted, check these signs. If you know what the signs are, you can prevent being hurt in time.

He expects you do nice things for him

You don’t know what exactly happened but your man started treating you like he is the only man in the world and you should be grateful that he is with you.

That’s why he wants you to do nice things for him and is not doing anything nice for you. Even if you do everything to make him happy, he never thanks you.

This is one big red flag that he doesn’t respect you and that he is taking you for granted.

He doesn’t have time for you

If you love someone, you should have time for them. No matter if you are in a business meeting or outside with your friends, you can always take a minute to answer the phone.

But if you see that your man chooses others above you, then something is wrong.

If he doesn’t have time for you, it means that you are not a priority in his life and he thinks that you will stay with him no matter what happens.

A man like this forgets that you are also a human being with feelings and emotions and that you need love.

If he can’t provide you some, it is better to stay away from him.

He doesn’t respect your time

Okay, he might have not time for you but when he wants you to change your plans just so you could meet him, it is a sign that he doesn’t respect you.

He is just being selfish and he thinks that you have to be available for him at any time.

He just considers you a doll he can call whenever it is convenient for him and without taking care of your needs.

This is a sign that he doesn’t take you for granted and that he is not scared of losing you.

He never listens to you

If you are talking about things that matter to you and he checks his phone or stares at the TV, then he is really a king of not giving a damn about you.

He thinks that what you have to say won’t be interesting to him and that people you are mentioning are not as important as that football game on the TV.

This is a sign that he takes you for granted and that your relationship is already doomed.

He doesn’t respect your opinion

For him, it is never important what you have to say. He always shuts you out and doesn’t take care about your feelings.

Even the opinion of a person he just met will be more important to him than your own and if he continues doing that again and again, you will probably get tired of a relationship like that.

A man who can’t even listen to what you say is not worthy of your love.

He doesn’t make sacrifices for you

You just can’t count how many times you sacrificed something for him but he never did the same for you.

He doesn’t understand that a relationship is a two-way street and that just like you, he has to make some effort to make it work as well.

But if you see that he only pays attention to things that you do for him and never to things he should do for you, you should consider leaving him because a man like that will never respect you enough.

He doesn’t respect your wishes in bed

This is a huge red flag sign that he takes you for granted—who the fuck does he think you are?

A street girl who will fulfill all his fantasies but never get what she wants?

Remember that you also have your rights when it comes to sex and that he should please you just like you please him.

He shouldn’t be ignoring your wishes and focusing on his only.

If he does that, he is just a selfish jerk who doesn’t deserve you, so you better leave him while you still can.