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7 Signs You Are Dating A Guy Who Refuses To Grow Up

7 Signs You Are Dating A Guy Who Refuses To Grow Up

Every relationship requires effort and responsibility towards your partner. But there are situations when you just feel that something is wrong and that your partner doesn’t respect you anymore.

Then, it is the right time to sit down and take pros and cons of your relationship.

Being with someone who doesn’t deserve you will make you feel miserable, so never make that kind of compromise.

Here are 7 signs telling you that you are dating a real ‘child’ who refuses to grow up. So, stay tuned!

He is all about words but not actions

An important part at the beginning of every relationship is going on dates and planning things together.

If your guy always talks about big ideas for the two of you and in the end he fails to make them come true, you should ask yourself if he is worth the wait.

That kind of guy just pops up when it is convenient for him, telling you about things that he would like to do.

He will never ask you for your opinion but on the other hand, he wants you to organize everything.

Can’t you see that he acts like a spoiled child? He should first grow up and then date someone. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.

He refuses to put a label on your relationship

This is a huge RED FLAG. What is the point of dating if he doesn’t want to put a label on your relationship?

Is he ashamed of you or there is another reason? Whatever it is, it is not good. You should have a long conversation with him and totally have your heart on your sleeve.

If he sees that you really care, maybe it will finally push him to do something about it. At least, he will learn that no woman will be satisfied in this kind of a relationship.

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He doesn’t accept responsibility

There are certain people who are afraid to accept responsibility for their actions.

They are still not aware of the fact that they are all grown up and there is no way to escape from responsibility.

If your guy always asks you to handle things he messes up, it is time to think twice.

He will never be hubby material and you will never feel safe and protected with him. Do you really need this?

He can’t save money

Just because your partner has a full-time job and a salary doesn’t make him a financially responsible person.

If he spends more than he earns, we are talking about an irresponsible person here. He can’t just spend money on stupid things and let you pay the rent and the bills.

If he really does this every single time, you can be sure that you are dealing with a guy who is irresponsible, and the chances that he is going to change are very small.

He doesn’t care how you feel

A selfish person who just cares about their feelings is not a good partner.

A relationship should be an equal partnership, but if he doesn’t count your feelings, that is an obvious sign you are dating an immature person.

The best you can do is to get away from that toxic and selfish man.

He reacts childishly instead of logically

The biggest difference between an adult and immature person can be seen in their way of dealing with problems.

The biggest problem is if he can’t communicate normally. Calm and healthy conversations with a partner are something you need to do if you want your relationship to work out.

On the other hand, an immature person will probably sulk when you tell them something that offends them.

The catch is they can’t think logically and actually understand why you pointed out something in the first place.

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You have a feeling that you are the one who grumbles all the time

You are constantly hearing yourself grumbling, but you can’t stop. You have that feeling that your partner won’t do something if you don’t remind him.

Remember: that it is not your fault if your partner doesn’t want to get serious.

If this happens, you will have to double check if you can really spend the rest of your life with a person like this.