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7 Signs He’s Just Using You To Get Over His Ex

7 Signs He’s Just Using You To Get Over His Ex

To be honest, we can’t just shake off someone who was in our life and who meant so much to us as an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

But when you get back on the dating scene, it’s expected for you to at least have gotten over your ex just enough that it won’t affect your future relationship.

Many men and women out there don’t even know when the right time is to start a new relationship, so they just jump from one to another.

That is the unhealthiest thing you can do for your relationship, because this way you bring all that unnecessary baggage into it and in the end you just end up hurting someone the way you were hurt by your ex.

If you’re in a relationship and things seem to be just a little bit off, there could be a possibility that he is just using you to get over his ex.

So, in order to find out if that is truly the case, let’s go through these 7 signs that say he is still trying to forget about his ex:

They text frequently

Not only did he keep all her text messages on his phone but you see him text with her a lot.

Even when you two are out on a date he tells you that he just has to read this message ‘really quick’ and then tells you how hilarious that joke she told him was.

He is still very close to her friends

When you break up with someone, you usually disregard their whole family and friends but for some reason, this dude still hangs out with her brother and all of their mutual friends.

He says that there is no way he is going to split up such an amazing friendship and even though she still hangs around with them, he tells you that you really have nothing to worry about.

Oh, sister, you have so much to worry about.

He doesn’t seem to make any plans for your future

When you ask him about anything related to a future together, he says that you two should be worrying about the here and now and not about the future.

Although that sure is a cute way to live, you have to make at least some plans, as in, does he even plan to stick around for a longer period of time or is he just a visitor to your life and will he be gone by morning?

He compares you two a lot

Every time you do something sweet for him he goes, “You see, my ex did the same thing once,” or, “My ex did it this way…”

No matter how hard you try, he is constantly comparing you to his ex. Every little thing reminds him of her and it’s so freaking creepy.

Does he even mention her during sex? Because it could happen.

She is the first to hear the news

Even though you might be sitting right next to him while he’s getting an email that said he got into college, he will still text her the news first and then tell you.

It’s clear that he hasn’t gotten over her and that she is more important to him than you are.
I am so sorry.

He didn’t throw away the gifts

Let’s be real, do you keep the stuff you got from a man who ruthlessly broke your heart? Of course you don’t because it reminds you of that awful time with an abuser who didn’t know his place.

But what does your boyfriend do? Well, he keeps everything he got from her, locked safely in his room.

He might even be wearing the shirts and jewelry she bought for him and so on.

He goes to extremes

There are only two possibilities here: either he talks about her all the time or he keeps everything they went through a secret.

You know, in normal relationships, people discuss their pasts, simply because they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes they made before and they want to make sure that their partner knows what happened.

But in these two extreme situations, either he can’t stop talking about her to the point where you know her favorite cereal or you don’t even know why they even broke up.

It’s really frustrating in either of these scenarios.