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7 Strange Things That Happen When You’re Finally With Your Soulmate

7 Strange Things That Happen When You’re Finally With Your Soulmate

1. Your first thought will be, “Is this for real?”

You won’t be able to grasp your own feelings. At one point, you will feel like you are dreaming and you won’t be able to shake the surreal feelings of happiness and joy within you.

But at the same time, you will fear that something awful will happen. That he will change his mind about you. That he will change his behavior or disappear on you.

This is only natural because your feelings are so strong that they scare you. If you are carrying emotional baggage from your past relationship, your fear will just be bigger.

You will need some time before your confusing feelings sort themselves out. You will realize that your soulmate is here to stay and that this colorful spectrum of happy feelings is a reality.

2. You enter an embarrassment-free zone

Once you are further into the relationship with your soulmate, you will start to get really comfortable with each other.

So anything that you considered ‘gross’ at some point will now be normal or even funny. Burping, farting, snoring or anything you were embarrassed to do in front of other people will be OK now.

At the end of the day, we are all human and once you are with your soulmate, nothing is that embarrassing for either of you.

3. You start to fear for them

When they are on a night out with their friends or traveling somewhere, you won’t be able to fall asleep until you get a text that they are safe and sound.

One of your worst fears will be that something horrible might happen to them. Worst case scenarios about all sorts of accidents and even death will rush through your head a million miles per hour.

It will be stronger than you and you will have to fight to shake it off because it will drive you insane.

4. New doors start to open

Your energy will be magnetic and it will draw good people and new opportunities into your life. You will have this positive vibe that will help you thrive.

It’s like the law of attraction; how you feel on the inside reflects on the outside so if you are feeling confident and good about yourself, great things will happen.

True love has its way with helping you get there. It doesn’t do things for you but it helps that you have support and love from someone and that it encourages you to grow and do great things.

5. You put a stop sign on your dating life

You do it unconsciously. You stop flirting with other people. You stop texting with someone you know is potentially into you. You stop noticing the opposite sex altogether because your interest is focused on one person and one person only.

You don’t want anybody else and you wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the soulmate connection you have with them.

6. The stars align to help you

You are bound to hit a few bumps along the road but whatever comes your way, you will find a way to solve it. The main thing is that both of you will look for a solution before quitting on each other.

However, you will feel like it’s more than that and it usually is when it comes to soulmates. God will be on your side, the universe will be on your side and whenever things seem hopeless, something will happen that will show you the way out of the mess and the way into each other’s heart.

7. You realize that all those little moments count big time

You won’t care what photo you’ll post on Instagram to prove your love because you won’t care what other people think. Your happiness is your own and you will selfishly guard it.

You will live for those simple moments that can’t be described with words. Nights when you are cuddled up on the couch, tight hugs and the sense of joy you feel just upon seeing your soulmate will be better than anything you have ever experienced before.