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7 Things Fiercely Independent Women Want From Men

7 Things Fiercely Independent Women Want From Men

Being with an independent woman can be the best relationship of your life, if you know how to treat her right.

But, unfortunately, men seem like they are intimidated by those women, so they keep stringing them along until they just decide to quit.

The thing about dating an independent woman is that you need to keep in mind that she doesn’t need you to be complete; she already is.

But she wants you to be her best friend, her lover, and her companion for the rest of her life and there is no greater honor than that one—when a person who’s perfectly fine on her own wants to have you in her life.

So, to keep your independent woman happy and live that amazing relationship to the fullest, read the list of the things independent women want from men.


We need you to respect our time, our opinions and our emotions. If there is no respect in a relationship, we sure as hell won’t be sticking around. It’s simple.

We value ourself and we’ve been through hell to be the best version of ourself and there is always a place for improvement.

But if you’re neglecting our opinions and needs, just because you think your point of view is the only real one, you will be left with nothing but that point of view to warm your bed at night.


We need time. Regardless of the chemistry, connection or strong feeling of attraction, there’s no way we will let you in quickly. We need to be sure you’re worthy of our time and our love.

We learned to handle life on our own and letting someone in is truly terrifying.

So, be patient and give us time to figure out if you’re the real deal.


While we may look cold and distant, we most certainly are not. There is a reason we shut down our emotions and a reason behind the walls we built. So, to have us let you in, you need to show us you care.

Words mean nothing if actions can’t follow them, so show us your compassion, show us love.

And trust me, there’s nothing sexier than true, raw emotions and love.


This is not just something we want, it’s something we truly need. We need that alone time and it doesn’t mean that we don’t love you or that we got bored of you.

It just means that we need it in order to get ourself together, to shut down and then get back on the saddle.

Once you get that we’re not cheating on you or drifting away when we take some alone time, we’re going to love you even more.

Honesty and realness

No games, no mind manipulations. If we wanted to play games we would go out and have a one-night stand or have fun with some random fuckboy.

But, if we are truly interested in you, we need you to be real and honest.

We need to know that this is not just another challenge for you, to win over an independent woman and ghost your way out. We need to know you really mean it.


We can still get hurt, no matter how strong and independent we are. We get hurt every time you think we are putting our career before you.

We get hurt every time you doubt our love, because we are not like your other girlfriends.

And we need you to know that when we love, we love unconditionally. When we decide to let someone in, we let them all the way in.

There is no half-assed love when it comes to us and we expect nothing less than what we give.

So, please, love us and take care of our hearts, because they’re a lot gentler than they may seem.

Independent man

We need someone who will understand us. Someone who will understand that we don’t need that 24/7 texting and spending every single moment of free time together.

Someone who will understand that just because we are working on our career it doesn’t mean we won’t work on our relationship. Someone who will match our fierceness.

Someone who will know how to take care of himself and not expect us to fill their mom’s shoes.

We need a partner, an equal. A man who will know that just because we are two individuals it doesn’t mean that we’re still not one.