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7 Things You Need To Try Before You Give Up On A Relationship

7 Things You Need To Try Before You Give Up On A Relationship

Although relationships should be easy and sweet, they are usually very complicated and they don’t make sense most of the time.

You get hurt by your partner but you still try to talk it over in order to make it all better.

Is it really worth it? Well, if you believe in soulmates you wouldn’t want to lose the one person in your life whom you’ve been searching for just by giving up on them, right?

Relationships are hard work and a lot of effort.

But let’s be honest, there are signs that a relationship is over. In order for you to know if a relationship is really over, it’s crucial to try out some things, just to be completely sure.

You don’t want to regret letting go of someone who loves you without at least asking them what happened.


I’m always going back to communication as some kind of holy grail to solving all problems in life.

If you ask your partner what’s wrong, why he isn’t talking to you, why he isn’t responding to your messages, and if he reacts in a mean manner or doesn’t want to talk about it at all—leave.

He doesn’t deserve you.

But if he has a good enough reason, like maybe his work doesn’t allow him to breathe, try communicating with him how much it would mean to you if he would dedicate time for the two of you, for him to talk to you, call you, text you back.

If he doesn’t change his behavior, let him know that you won’t repeat yourself. There’s no need to lose sleep over someone who doesn’t respect you and your needs.

No contact

If communication doesn’t work, try to distance yourself completely and see what happens.

If he sees that you’ve been a bit different and that you’re no longer there for him, he’ll start asking himself what he did wrong and he’ll try to make it better.

If he doesn’t call you on the same day you decide to distance yourself, I don’t think that you need to wait any longer.

You deserve more than to stare at an empty screen.

What made you fall in love with him?

Ask yourself these questions: What made you fall for him? What drew you together?

Go back to the roots and think about what the things were that were so attractive about him.

If he’s changed completely, then he’s not the person that you fell in love with, so why bother trying to turn him back to what you’re used to?

I mean, of course, people change, they become a better version of themself every day but let’s be honest—if he’s a completely new person, that’s not the one you want to be with.

Try out something new

If your communication is good but the relationship simply starts getting boring and you can’t seem to find anything interesting to do together anymore, then try out something new.

Try something that neither of you has done before and analyze the situation.

If you feel refreshed, like your relationship is able to continue without you questioning it, then you’ve done a great job!

If you never went on vacation together, go! Pack your stuff now and go have some fun!

Recognize the problem

Well, we all suffer over things that have happened in our past.

If you’ve seen many marriages and relationships fall apart it might be something you’re used to and there isn’t really a chance for you to unlearn something that was instilled in you from an early age.

Also, the people around you can affect the way you react to things in your relationship.

Just be sure that the emotions that you’re feeling are actually yours and not the feelings or behavior of someone you’ve encountered.

Then when you have the answer to that, be sure to address the problem.

Why are you feeling unloved or why do you feel that the relationship is over? Is that something that can be changed? If the answer is no, there isn’t much you can do.

Slow down

It’s very important to take it easy from time to time and watch what happens.

See the relationship from a whole new perspective and understand what’s happening.

Take your time to observe the situation and take care of yourself.

We get carried away by emotions and we don’t give ourself time to analyze them. So this might be the right time to do this.

It’s not your responsibility to save the relationship

The most important realization ever! It’s not your responsibility to save the relationship. Watch what happens when you sit up and give yourself time to think.

Maybe the best solution is to leave and move on but it also might just be a phase you two have to go through.

Just be sure to know that you can’t save something that’s already lost.