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7 TRUE Signs You’re NOTHING More Than A Fling

7 TRUE Signs You’re NOTHING More Than A Fling

Are you a side girl or the REAL DEAL?

Sadly, most girls nowadays don’t get when they are being played. They don’t get they are just a one-time thing and nothing more. And who can blame them?

Guys aren’t being honest and they have become pretty good at leading women on.

Only after a certain amount of time, when a woman becomes serious about him and their relationship, the truth comes out—you were just a fling to him!

To avoid playing the side role all the time and to step in the spotlight for a change, watch out for the following signs that are screaming you are just a fling to him.

He really knows the game

And he knows it little too well—he plays for the Big Leagues. Somehow, you end up doing exactly what he wants.

You can even find out he’s married and of course, you want to break things off—but somehow, you are still in.

That’s how he works his magic!

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Your conversation goes the other way

It turns into a sexual thing. This is a problem with a lot of married men.

They can’t look at their wives as sexual and kinky human beings.

Sometimes, men have that insatiable, dirty, sexual desire which they need to use up and they can’t do it with their wives—so they look for a one-time thing.

He never introduced you to his friends

And he never will. He knows you are just a short time thing so he doesn’t even bother to make you part of his life.

If he was really into you, he would show you off and he would be proud for having you as his girlfriend—but he’s not.

His plans don’t include you

Take a step back and try to think about your future. Is he a part of it?

Maybe for you, he is, but have you actually ever heard him making any future plans that include you?

If you are just a fling to him, you probably didn’t. This only shows you that he isn’t planning on sticking around for much longer.

He avoids kissing and hugging in public

This can mean two things—maybe he is married or he’s just an ordinary classic example of a douche who is playing you.

Affection doesn’t pick place or time—if he truly cares about you, he would show it anytime and anywhere.

He won’t text you back immediately

You can stare at your phone in expectation for days, but nothing. That hopeful beep of a phone is nowhere to be heard.

Of course, you won’t admit to yourself that you mean literally nothing to him, so you start making excuses for his behavior.

But I’ve got a newsflash for you—he couldn’t care less that his purposely ignoring you is making you stay awake at night.

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He hides his phone

This is probably because he has tons of girls’ numbers in it—girls who are just like you—naive for thinking they are the only ones in his life.

He probably has their photos, too, because these kinds of guys won’t miss a chance to brag about their ‘accomplishments’ to their friends.

So anyway, you will never gain access to his phone. And if he is a real Pro, you will never even see his phone.

These guys are just the way they are and the best thing is just to stay away from them and avoid your heart being broken—because it will be at some point.

Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that you will change him—you won’t.

  1. James Thorpe says:

    I don’t agree with #7: hiding the phone. Me and my husband both have phones, and we don’t ask to see the other’s phone, because even if we are together, we respect each other’s privacy. #7 can be what you said, but it can also be just a desire for a small bit if privacy.