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7 Ways To Deal With Depression After A BreakUp

7 Ways To Deal With Depression After A BreakUp

Breaking up is never simple. Even if you were with someone for only a short time, when you break up with them, you feel some sort of sadness and in long-term relationships, there can be severe depression and anxiety over losing a partner. When something like this happens, people try to find ways to get over the breakup more easily, so I decided to make a list of the things that can help you cope.

1. Accept the end

The catch is that you can’t move on if you don’t accept what has happened. When you accept it is over and that you will no longer be with your ex, you will be able to move on. I know it won’t be easy to do that, but if you really wanted to break up with someone, then you just need to be strong during this phase. When you accept that you both have your own lives right now and that you will never be together again, you will feel like a huge weight has fallen off your chest. And that is a great start to get over post-breakup depression.

2. Keep your distance from him

If you stay close to your ex, you will just keep hurting yourself over and over again. It is like you are bleeding and every time you see him, you irritate your wound even more. In that way, you will never be okay and you will never get over him. But if you keep your distance from him and if you give yourself some time to heal, you won’t be depressed about all the bad things that have happened. You just need to find what makes you happy the most and stick to that.

3. Learn from your experience

It wouldn’t make any sense that you go through the same type of shit in relationships over and over again, right? Once you learn from your experience, you will never be depressed over someone and you will learn how to pick yourself up after a breakup. When you learn the way you react after a breakup, you will be able to help yourself faster and cope more easily with the first stages of depression after a breakup.

4. Distract yourself with new hobbies

The truth is that you will end up depressed if you don’t do something with your life after a breakup. The worst thing you can do is to stay at home and think about all those bad things that have happened. Instead of that, you should go out, mingle and do things that make you happy. You can enroll in a class of a foreign language or some dance classes. This will help you meet new people and make you feel better. It will distract you from all the situations that you have been through and you will get over your ex much faster.

5. Don’t drink any alcohol

When people are confronted with bad things in their lives, they reach for some alcohol, thinking it will be better. But the truth is that you won’t be better and it will be even worse when you wake up in the morning. Even if you think alcohol will help you forget some things, it will be only temporary. In the long run, it will make things just worse. It is better if you think about your life while sober and in that way, do something good for yourself rather than something harmful.

6. Get enough sleep

If you stay awake all night thinking about them and all that has happened, you will end up drained. That’s why you need to take care of yourself and get some sleep. Maybe at the beginning you won’t be able to sleep, but try and just lie in your bed to rest your body. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be able to function normally and you won’t feel good at all. If you think about it, you will see that no man is worth your tears and destroying your life. So, do good things for yourself to recover from someone doing bad ones to you.

7. Don’t think about how he feels

I know you will think how he feels after a breakup, but this time, you should put yourself first. This time, think about you and about your feelings only. He was the one who hurt you and he doesn’t deserve you bothering your head about him. Instead, focus on yourself and your life goals. Do things that make you happy because now you have all the freedom to do so. Spend time with people you care about. That will help you heal faster and you will feel better.