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8 Adorable Reasons Why Men Love To Cuddle

8 Adorable Reasons Why Men Love To Cuddle

Men are completely the same as women. All these stereotypes about men hating cuddling are just ridiculous.

Speaking from my own experience, men love to cuddle. When they have feelings for you and are into you, they will use every moment with you to touch and hug you. It’s a completely normal way of displaying affection.

On the other hand, if a guy doesn’t want to cuddle, don’t label him as ‘not a cuddling type’ because there is no such thing.

Instead of that, he is probably just not interested in you or is not yet sure where your relationship is going, so he doesn’t want to give you false hope.

So, we’ve agreed that guys love to cuddle, but do we know why? Here it goes:

It makes you feel safe

happy couple sitting on sofa at home  

It is in a man’s nature be protective and by hugging you, they are showing you they care for you. They don’t want anything bad happen to you, and they are showing it by cuddling.

They want to keep you by their sides, hold on to you tightly and never let you go. In his arms, you’ll feel safe and loved, just the way he wants you to.

He feels man enough

lovely couple hugging in bed

Whether they like to admit it or not, men love control. They love to be in charge of things, and one of the things they’d love to be in charge of is your relationship.

They like to think they are the ones responsible for it. So, they want to feel manly.

They want to be the type of man you’ll come to when you feel down and sad.

They want to hold you in their arms, and tell you it’s going to be alright. They want to give you comfort when you need it.

He wants to make you happy

loving couple lying in bedroom

Is there something more beautiful than a warm and nice hug at the end of a hard day? Well, that’s how much he loves you, and that’s what he wants to give you.

He wants to take you in his arms and hold you to relax you. He wants you to feel protected and open up to him.

Cuddling is not just an ordinary thing to him. It’s a chance for you to open up in a safe space and be vulnerable without judging. It’s a chance for you to feel happy.

He wants to feel the contact

young couple smiling on bed  

Not only that he wants you to be happy, but he wants to be happy himself.

And touching someone and establishing close contact gives him just that.

The brain produces hormones of happiness when you touch a person you love.

That’s why he has the need to cuddle with you. He wants to feel the physical contact which brings forth happy thoughts.

It’s not sex, but it’s intimate

smiling couple cuddling under blanket at home

You’d think that all guys are just about sex. Well, believe it or not, they are not.

Some guys want to show you affection, but they don’t want to insult you by taking you to bed too early.

Instead, they will cuddle because it’s another way of being intimate with the person you care about without taking your clothes off.

There is no pressure

couple cuddling in bedroom

Sex can be very stressful for men. They have to bring their A game and give their best.

They don’t want to disappoint you. Sometimes this pressure has a great impact on their performance.

But one of the reasons why men love to cuddle is because they can be themselves.

They can enjoy closeness with you without feeling any pressure. They can simply be themselves.

It can lead to sex

loving couple kissing in bed

Once again, it doesn’t have to and no pressure, but it can. If the cuddling goes one step further, than the sex is guaranteed. It all depends whether you are in the mood or not.

But keep in mind that men who love to cuddle cuddle because they enjoy it, not because it may lead to sex.

But that doesn’t mean that the possibility isn’t hanging somewhere deep in the back of their minds, just in case.

They can be vulnerable

young couple embracing in bed

Not only are they making you feel safe and letting you be vulnerable, they are opening up to you, too. They are also being vulnerable when you’re cuddling.

They usually love to be heroes who protect and are always there when there’s trouble.

But in fact, guys are as vulnerable as we are. They are also human being with feelings. They get sad; they get hurt.

And while they are cuddling, they can share all those things with you.

They can open up and ask for comfort if they want to. Cuddling is the perfect time for that.

8 Adorable Reasons Why Men Love To Cuddle