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8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

There is nothing wrong with taking on a role in a relationship, as long as that role doesn’t affect the person’s whole personality.

It’s desirable to present the traits of a certain role but when a man becomes just a role without his own personality, it becomes toxic for a relationship, which therefore ends in a break-up.

Some men are just not strong enough to keep their personality in a relationship.

Sometimes they are too insecure to just be themselves so they choose to be something else —which is, by the way, never a good idea.

The woman they are dating learns to live with that ‘false’ type of person, with a man who pretends to be something he is not.

After some time, he can’t pretend anymore, so he drops the act.

This leads to fights, to her thinking he has changed for the worse, and eventually the couple splits.

This scenario leaves both people in the relationship disappointed and hurt which then makes them swear off dating and relationships altogether.

To prevent destroying a relationship, a man has to be smart about it.

He has to adapt to his new relationship role and take only the best things from each following role to give his woman everything she needs and to fully emotionally satisfy her.

1. The Jokester

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

Sure, he’s fun to be around, he jokes all the time, but sometimes he doesn’t know where to draw the line.

Sometimes he goes too far and that results in hurting you.

“I’m just kidding,” is the most common phrase you’ll hear from him.

Because if he says something inappropriate, probably unintentionally, it will hurt you and when you get fed up with it, you’re going to tell him how you feel.

When you let him know that you feel bad and his words upset you, he’ll try to calm you down by saying that he is just joking around and there’s no need to be hurt.

This will become devastating after some time because you won’t be able to put up with it and in the end you’re going to split up.

2.The Father

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

It’s nice to have a man like this by your side. He really acts like a father figure.

He is protective of you, makes you feel safe and loved. But there is a downside to this as well.

Usually, men who act like this consider themselves superior to you, just like a father is to his children.

When you make a mistake, he will try to dominate you and let you know that you did a bad thing.

He will never be equal to you because he sees you in a totally different way.

3.The Talker

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

He always talks about himself. In the beginning, this was very interesting because you had no problem getting to know him.

He told you everything about himself right from the start.

But after a while, it became a problem. When you’re out with your friends, he simply doesn’t know when to shut up.

He talks over you with your friends, thus indiscreetly letting you and them know he doesn’t care about your opinions because his are the only ones that matter.

Men who act this way are usually very insecure and they brag constantly about their accomplishments because they are trying to hide the fact they are very insecure.

4.The Bad Boy

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

Who can resist a bad boy? It’s a fact that women fall for bad boys for some unknown and inexplicable reason.

A bad boy doesn’t play by the rules and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

That is a positive thing and it’s very attractive but there is another side to it.

Because he doesn’t care what anyone thinks and because he does whatever he wants too, you can’t trust him.

What if one day he decides to cheat on you? He sees an attractive woman and he wants to sleep with her. Nothing will stop him from doing that.

5.The Manipulator

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

In the beginning, he’ll be just perfect. You’ll seriously wonder how you got so lucky to land such a guy.

Maybe you’ll even be suspicious in the beginning but with time you’ll get used to it.

He will do whatever you ask him to. He will fulfill your wishes and keep his promises but only until he gets you to trust him.

Once he manages that, once he has you and you open your heart to him, he’ll use you and drain your energy to get what he wants.

And when he’s done with you, he’ll do that all over again to another woman.

6.The Commitment-Phobe

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

He’ll lie from the start but you won’t be able to see through his lies. He’ll pretend that he is not ready to define your relationship.

He’ll constantly stall and change the subject if you try to talk about your relationship.

If you, on the other hand, manage to force him to talk, he’ll guilt-trip you into leaving things as they were by telling you about the girl he once had who broke his heart so he is not ready to fully trust someone yet.

He’ll also say that he has a feeling that you are different from the others but nothing will be defined.

This works perfectly for him because he can leave at any time, no strings attached.

7.Mr. Perfect

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

He is the kind of guy you want to introduce to your parents.

You’ll take him anywhere and show him off like a prize because he is just perfect, almost too perfect to be true.

When you look more closely, this is really a bad thing because he is the type of a guy who’ll do anything for someone’s approval.

He wants to please everyone so he never says what he actually thinks and he decide to agree with you on everything instead.

That’s why he looks so perfect. He does whatever you want.

Believe me, you don’t want a man who doesn’t have an opinion of his own.

8.The Child

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable

He is like Peter Pan—he’ll never grow up. Dating such a guy is so much fun.

He cracks jokes, he is free-spirited and he is not afraid to do anything. You’re always laughing when you’re with him.

That’s really cool but the truth is that everyone needs to grow up at some point in their life.

You have to know you can count on him when you have a problem. You need to know that he is able to deal with real life and real problems.

8 Fake Roles He Plays That Actually Make You Miserable