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8 Phrases Men Say If They Are Interested In You

8 Phrases Men Say If They Are Interested In You

Women are more than capable of blowing someone off just by looking at them or by using their body language. It’s what we do best – one killer look and you’re done. 

So, when you get the look, the game is over. You have received the message loud and clear and it’s time for you to back off.  The same thing happens when we want to make men aware we are interested in them. 

Women are all about non-verbal signals which they use ever so wisely. We are the queens of sending subtle signals and describing what they feel in dozens of beautiful sentences. 

Men don’t work that way. Men say, in the shortest terms possible, what they want and hope you get the message.

If you don’t, well it’s not their fault, they’ve tried but you didn’t seem to be interested.  

Keep on reading if you want to find out what messages, hidden behind certain phrases, mean.  

1. “You did great!”

They won’t tell you they are proud of you right away. It will take them some time to loosen up and feel comfortable around you.

When you think about it, men are not so different from women. They just act differently, but the overall outcome is pretty much the same.

2. “Don’t worry!”

Men who have true, deep feelings towards women will protect them in every imaginable way. They will place themselves between danger and the ones they want to protect.

Not only will they protect women from physical pain, but also from emotional ones.

By saying these words, men are asking you to trust them because they will watch over you and make sure you are safe.

3. “Please, tell me. I’m interested…”

When they say these words, it means they value your opinion. They are interested in what you have to say.

Any opinion that you might have, whether on the small or big stuff, matters to them.

4. “I understand.”

They feel your pain. If you are hurting, they are hurting as well. These are not just some empty words. There are some true and serious emotions hiding behind these words.

They want to protect you from crippling pain, but they are unable to, so they sympathize with you and give you emotional support.  

5. “This reminded me of you.”

They will never say to you upfront that they have been thinking of you. They still don’t have the courage to be that honest with you.

But, as you see, there are ways in which they will tell you that, indirectly.
They won’t risk getting their feelings hurt at the beginning of a relationship.

6. “You look beautiful.”  

Don’t overthink why men tell you this. This line is the only one which hasn’t got any hidden meanings.

It’s true. If men tell you that you look beautiful, you do.

Accept the fact you look like a million dollars and learn how to receive a compliment.

7. “Where have you been? What were you doing?”

When men ask you these questions, don’t let your jaw drop out of anger. They are not stalkers and they are not obsessively jealous.

They are showing interest in your life which they probably want to be a part of. They are showing you they have some serious hots for you in their own manner.