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8 Things To Remember Before Falling In Love With A Girl Who Is Bad At Expressing Her Feelings

8 Things To Remember Before Falling In Love With A Girl Who Is Bad At Expressing Her Feelings

If you were lucky enough to meet a girl who is bad at expressing her feelings, cherish her because she is worthy of your love.

She is different from all the other girls that you will meet but that makes her so perfect and unique.

She is a woman who will never say what she really feels, so if you want to reach her you will have to dig deeper.

But trust me, she is worth going the extra mile because she is a woman to love.

If you fall in love with her, you will have to treat her differently to other girls and so here are some things you need to remember once that happens.

1. She will behave like an introvert

A girl like this will hold in all her emotions and it will be so hard to see what she really wants and needs from you.

She won’t talk so much and you won’t be able to know what gets her going.

This is who she really is so give her enough time to start feeling comfortable when she is with you. Once she relaxes enough you will see that she was worth the wait.

2. She won’t make the first move

She will probably wait for you to make the first move because she thinks that women shouldn’t do that.

She will wait to see if your feelings are strong enough for you to approach her and if you do that she will be very happy.

For her, that will mean that you want to get to know her better and to maybe develop a romantic relationship.

3. She will have troubles in communication

The truth is that with a guy she likes, she will feel very nervous and she will think that she may make a mistake while saying something to you.

Therefore, she will remain silent most of the time the two of you spend together.

Don’t think this is a bad characteristic because she just wants to behave well in front of you.

If you just wait until she breaks free, you will see that a girl like that is a diamond in the rough.

4. She will want to take it slow

A girl like this has some reasons why she can’t express her emotions so don’t push her to do things that she doesn’t want to do.

Respect her wish to take things slow because she probably has some traumas in her past.

If you really care about her and want to form a stable relationship with her, treat her like she deserves.

5. Her facial expressions don’t define her

When you say something nice to her or when you give her a present, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t react so well.

Not everyone has to jump for joy when they get a gift and she is definitely not one of those people.

So don’t get confused with her normal facial expressions. She will be happy because you did something nice for her but she just doesn’t show that like the rest of the girls.

6. She looks distant

When you are with her and when you try to explain something to her she will act all distant but that doesn’t mean that she is bored with you.

It means that she has some problems in her life that she is currently thinking about and that’s why she can’t give herself all in.

So don’t be too harsh on her and ask her if there is some way you can help her with the issues she has.

7. When you have problems, she will look like she is unavailable to you

When you experience some tragedy in your life or something is not right, she might look like she doesn’t care.

From her facial expressions, you will see that she is not available for you but that will not be true.

She really cares but she doesn’t know any other way than this to show her empathy and her emotions.

8. She is easy to hurt

Just because she doesn’t show her emotions and her feelings, it doesn’t mean that she can’t be hurt.

In fact, she can be hurt very easily. If you don’t give her the attention or the love she needs, she will be so sad.

She will wonder if she did something wrong and she will try to find ways to make you love her.

This is just one more trait that shows how fragile she is, so give her time to relax in the relationship and don’t have any outbursts in front of her.