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85+ Virgo Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Women (With Meanings)

85+ Virgo Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Women (With Meanings)

A Virgo tattoo is a great way to capture an important part of yourself without having to say anything.

The most popular Virgo tattoo designs include the Virgo zodiac sign – one of the three earth signs in the zodiac – symbolized by a maiden or a virgin (the goddess Astraea ) carrying a sheaf of wheat.

This star sign is associated with intelligence, helpfulness, and hard work. Other Virgo characteristics include critical thinking and a detail-oriented nature, practicality, understanding, kindness, shyness, and responsibility.

The Virgo sign represents so many strong and profound qualities and makes a perfect tattoo idea. So, let’s look at a selection of the best Virgo tattoo ideas for women:

1. Floral Virgo constellation tattoo

A constellation tattoo with beautiful and delicate lilies.

2. Virgo zodiac symbol in potion bottle

A Virgo zodiac symbol in a potion bottle with lavender – magical and cute.

3. Linocut style portrait and constellation

A cool and unique linocut style portrait with the Virgo constellation in the background.

4. Sternum Virgo star sign tattoo

A beautiful sternum tattoo with angel, stars, crystals and the Virgo star sign symbol.

5. Wrist tattoo with glyphs

A wrist tattoo with four little glyphs: the Virgo sign, the sun, the moon, and a spaceship.

6. Mandala Virgo tattoo

A feminine and geometric mandala tattoo.

7. Another mandala Virgo tattoo

Another pretty mandala design for the shoulder.

8. Elephant Virgo tattoo

A beautiful simple elephant with a constellation.

9. Meditating woman tattoo design

A wonderful design featuring a meditating woman holding the planet Earth, with the Sun above her head.

10. Goddess Aestera design

A design inspired by the goddess Aestera, with a constellation across her image.

11. Mystic woman design

A mystic woman with wings, flowers, and a tag with the Virgo sign.

12. Naked woman with the moon design

A magical design with a naked woman sitting on the moon and a Virgo glyph on her shoulder.

13. Floral Virgo tattoo

A bright and colourful floral Virgo tattoo.

14. Geometrical, mandala inspired style tattoo

A geometrical, mandala inspired style tattoo with mountain and lake scenery under a constellation.

15. Symbols connected with dots

Small symbols connected with dots – simple and pretty.

16. Virgo sign, heart and star

Three very delicate glyph tattoos – the Virgo sign, a heart, and a star.

17. Flower with constellation

A beautiful, realistic flower with a Virgo constellation.

18. Watercolour orca and constellation

A watercolour orca and constellation rib side tattoo.

19. The word Virgo tattoo

A tattoo featuring flowers and the word Virgo – very feminine and delicate looking.

20. Geometrical tattoo

A combination of numerous symbols in a geometrical style.

21. Finger tattoo

A simple and pretty finger tattoo, perfect for a Virgo woman.

22. Watercolor tattoo with portrait

A watercolor tattoo with a beautiful portrait of a woman wearing a Virgo earring and wheat in her hair.

23. Goddess Astraea design

Another beautifully done goddess Astraea tattoo design.

24. Woman holding a disk with constellation

A portrait of a woman holding a disk with the Virgo constellation with her eyes covered.

25. Vintage tattoo

An old school style portrait with Virgo symbolism.

26. Virgo arm tattoo

An enchanting and mysterious arm tattoo.

27. Virgo portrait tattoo

An impressive and beautiful portrait with wheat, wing, and star motifs.

28. Virgo tribal tattoo

A simple and clean tribal design.

29. Virgo symbol with star tattoo

Small and colourful Virgo symbol with star tattoo.

30. Watercolour tattoo

A feminine watercolor rib tattoo.

31. Message in a bottle tattoo

A message in a bottle tattoo with the date and the moon.

32. Virgo symbol tattoo on wrist

A simple Virgo symbol tattoo with wheat motif.

33. Minimal portrait design

A minimal and swirly portrait – feminine and elegant.

34. Virgo sign tattoo

A simple Virgo sign tattoo with a small heart for your forearm.

35. Geometrical tattoo

Another great geometrical design for the inside of your arm.

36. Virgo girl tattoo design

A sweet Virgo girl with wings tattoo design.

37. Unique constellation tattoo

Combined dotwork and watercolour constellation design.

38. Constellation design

Simple and cute constellation design with a date.

39. Constellation collar bone tattoo

A delicate and dotted constellation collar bone tattoo.

40. Wrist Virgo tattoo

A pretty dotwork wrist tattoo.

41. Small tattoo on the side of the wrist

Small tattoo on the side of the wrist – a subtle and elegant choice.

42. Floral constellation

A rich floral constellation.

43. Meditating woman design

A meditating woman inside of a lotus design.

44. Side rib tattoo

A simple side rib tattoo looks clean and elegant.

45. Unique constellation design

A face profile and star constellation on the forearm.

46. Cute Virgo design

A cute cartoonish illustration – modern and sweet.

47. Little stars

A little colorful stars’ tattoo – cute and delicate.

48. Shoulder tattoo

A minimal shoulder tattoo with blue details.

49. Wrist tattoo

A blue constellation wrist tattoo.

50. Virgo zodiac sign tattoo

A minimal Virgo zodiac sign tattoo with simple flowers.

51. A maiden holding wheat design

A maiden holding wheat and a star tattoo design with clean outlines.

52. Different symbols

A combination of the different symbols.

53. Galaxy and constellation

A beautiful and mysterious portrait with a galaxy and constellation.

54. Wrist constellation

Another simple wrist constellation.

55. Woman and the moon

A one line woman figure holding the moon.

56. Simple Virgo zodiac tattoo

A Virgo zodiac tattoo with roses and thorns.

57. Constellation design

A super minimal constellation design – clean and pretty.

58. Collar bone design

A purple constellation under the collar bone.

59. Floral design

A beautiful floral design with a crescent moon and constellation.

60. Mysterious tattoo design

Unique design with lots of symbolism: galaxies, the flower of life, an eye.

61. Back tattoo

A simple, minimal design for the back with a lot of meaning.

62. Cute forearm constellation

A cute forearm constellation for those who like simple designs.

63. Boho Virgo tattoo

A boho half moon and Virgo symbol.

64. Brush stroke style

A Virgo glyph in a brush stroke style.

65. Virgo and Taurus sign

A Virgo sign inside the sign of the Taurus; you can do the same with Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, or any other sign.

66. Watercolor tattoo

Amazing watercolour tattoo inside a simple flower wreath.

67. Side rib tattoo

A unique maiden holding some wheat side rib tattoo design.

68. Watercolour design

A beautiful watercolour design with the moon, a galaxy, and geometric symbols.

69. Portrait tattoo

Gorgeous body art with beautiful shading.

70. Rose and the Virgo sign

A delicate, realistic rose with a Virgo glyph.

71. Behind the ear tattoo

A small symbol behind the ear.

72. Girl in rhombus tattoo

A beautiful girl inside a black rhombus with red stars.

73. Flower wreath tattoo

A flower wreath outline.

74. Botanical portrait

A bold back piece.

75. Virgo sign and the earth sign

A Virgo sign inside the earth symbol

76. Silhouette tattoo

A silhouette of a woman with Roman numerals.

77. Name tattoo

A Virgo constellation with names.

78. Portrait tattoo

A beautiful and feminine portrait with a pop of orange.

79. Meditating woman tattoo

A cool psychedelic design with a meditating woman.

80. Minimal back piece

A minimal back piece – elegant and clean looking.

81. Pop of color tattoo

A stunning piece with a pop of blue.

82. Cute tattoo

Cute little illustrations connected with dots.

83. Blue moon tattoo

A woman sitting in front of a blue moon – romantic and pretty.

84. Small Virgo tattoo

Another little Virgo sun sign lower back tattoo.

85. Watercolour back piece

A stunning and bold watercolor back piece, with a floating girl and a constellation.

Here’s few extra pieces of information about the Virgo horoscope sign:

Being the sixth astrological sign (and the sixth house is the house of health and routine work), Virgo is considered to be a horoscope sign that loves cleanliness and likes being surrounded by order and intellectually stimulating things.

That’s what makes them the most analytical and routine-loving sign of the astrological world.

This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, named after the messenger of the gods. Mercury is the planet of day-to-day expression, communication, speech, the written word, wit, and cleverness.

The symbol of the maiden is based on Astraea (literally: the maiden of the stars). In Greek mythology, she was the last immortal to abandon the Earth and was transformed into the constellation of Virgo.

Astarea is a Greek goddess, and she is the virgin goddess of justice, which is why she’s often associated with Libra, too.

The spiritual purpose of a Virgo is to put chaos into order, fix the weak parts of ourselves, and prepare to move towards the new.

I hope you’ve been inspired looking at these beautiful zodiac tattoos. Now you won’t have to search through Google endlessly to find what you were looking for (unless you were searching for Virgo tattoos for men!).

I also hope you’re looking forward to getting your very own Virgo tattoo and choosing the right tattoo artist!