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9 Reasons Why Women Leave Men They Love

9 Reasons Why Women Leave Men They Love

Women are strong and amazing and will always fight to their last breath just to save a relationship. But not even the strongest of us can put up with being treated like we don’t matter by someone we love the most.

No one can survive the feeling of loneliness next to someone who is supposed to make us feel good. Here are the reasons why women leave men they love.

1. She feels like she can’t be herself

If she feels like she has to change in order to be accepted, there is no way she can be happy in such a relationship. If a man constantly brings her down because of the way she acts, laughs or feels, how can she be herself?

Love is not about changing yourself to make someone else happy. It’s about being accepted the way you are and working through the issues—together.

2. There’s no appreciation

If her efforts are not appreciated, she will stop making any. No woman deserves to be taken for granted and make no mistake, she will leave no matter how much she loves you.

Because trying her best to make the other person happy, only to be neglected, is draining her strength. Once she runs out of it, she will simply walk away.

3. The relationship feels like an emotional burden

If everything she does requires prior planning and worrying about how the other person might react, the relationship soon becomes a burden.

If a man is constantly nagging about her doing things wrong, belittling her and making her apologize, whether she’s done something wrong or not, she will soon be exhausted under the weight of dealing with an emotional leech.

4. She’s tired of being compared to other women

How can she be sure if her man loves her if she’s constantly being compared to other women? How can she be sure of her self-worth is she’s constantly hearing how other women are smarter, better looking or funnier?

If someone who is supposed to be your biggest support is the one who brings you down, then that person is not worth staying with. That person is no longer worthy of your love.

5. There is no respect

Love without respect means nothing. He can sing the greatest songs, say the sweetest words, but if there is no respect, they mean nothing. A woman who is not respected in her relationship is not a happy woman. And she will most definitely walk away, because being treated without respect is the worst possible way to be treated.

She is so much more than just a partner, girlfriend or wife. She is amazing, fierce, strong, gentle and the most caring person all in one. And if that doesn’t deserve respect, I don’t know what does.

6. The sex life is lacking

A non-fulfilling sex life is a problem we read the most about. It’s like everything revolves around sex. But a lack of sex itself is not a problem. Sex without emotions or sex without caring or love means nothing.

If she is the only who puts any effort into the relationship but he rolls over the moment he’s finished, it means he doesn’t care about her enough to satisfy her. And let’s be honest, if we wanted sex without crossing the finish line, we would be still banging college dudes.

7. Long-term goals are incompatible


This one is actually the number one reason for the breakdown of long-term relationships. It’s all fun and games while we’re young and still not thinking about settling down. But what happens when one person is ready to build a career and the other one is ready for a child?

What happens if one person wants to move away, while the other one is bound to the place they’re currently living in? She will end things if she’s the one who’s expected to make a sacrifice, because love is about compromise. Expecting her to give up on her dreams just to make yours happen is seriously selfish.

8. There is no effort in the relationship anymore

If she is the only one who puts in effort, she will soon get tired of that shit. And once she stops putting any effort into the relationship, consider it dead for good.

9. She feels like she’s the only one who cares

If she starts feeling like she is in a one-sided relationship, how do you expect her to stay and fight? How can you expect her to work for something that she is no longer sure is there?

She has no reason to believe that there’s something worth staying for, because you haven’t given her any.