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9 Signs You Have A Deep Spiritual Connection With Your Partner

9 Signs You Have A Deep Spiritual Connection With Your Partner

Do you feel like you’ve known your partner for years even though the two of you haven’t ever met before?

Do you have this force inside you telling you that you and your partner belong together and you couldn’t imagine it otherwise?

If you do, you’re one of those lucky few who share a deep spiritual connection with their partner.

What is a spiritual connection? Logically, a spiritual connection is something that cannot be seen, yet it can only be felt.

A spiritual connection is a divine force that attracts you to another human being.

Even though the two of you have never met before, you instantly recognize that you have something in common.

You don’t know what that is, but you feel like that person is part of your being. And you’re right.

That person is a part of your being on a spiritual level. And this is how it works.

Every single one of us is made of energy, and this energy is turned into vibrations.

Some people have lower vibrations, while others have very high vibrations.

The level of your vibrations is affected by your lifestyle, beliefs, perceptions, values, etc.

In order for a spiritual connection to establish itself, you and the other person have to be on the same vibrational wavelength.

So, when two people who are on the same vibrational wavelength meet each other, a spiritual connection will occur.

In summary, when you and your partner met each other, you had the feeling that you’d known him/her for years, and this means that the two of you are on the same vibrational wavelength.

You instantly feel connected which is a sign of a deep, spiritual connection, and that is what makes you feel like that person has been a part of your being for a long time.

It is because you share the same beliefs, thoughts, and you respect each other on a much higher level than anyone else is capable of.

Among other things, the two of you share a deep, intimate closeness which is a true reflection of a deep, spiritual connection.

9 Signs You Have A Deep Spiritual Connection With Your Partner

You’re honest with each other

Honesty is the most important aspect of a spiritual connection. It would be impossible to share a spiritual connection with your partner if the two of you weren’t honest with each other, and that is why honesty works like a base for your relationship.

And it also works like a cleanser for your souls. If your relationship is based on lies (even on the most trivial ones), these lies work like a virus that will pollute your souls.

As a result, you will be on different wavelengths – unable to find each other.

That is why it is important to stay honest when it seems like the most difficult thing to do at the moment.

So, if you and your partner are honest about everything, you will be on the same vibrational level, and your healthy relationship will provide some space for a spiritual connection to develop.

So, the biggest sign of a deep, spiritual connection is if your relationship is based on truth.

Your relationship is based on mutual understanding and trust

If you and your partner emphatically listen to each other and understand each other on a deeper level, it is another sign of a deep, spiritual connection.

If you have the feeling that you can tell your partner anything that comes to your mind and you know he will not find himself offended or annoyed, it means you trust him.

Relationships without trust and understanding are most often those that are doomed to fail. You see, all of these signs are linked with one another.

If your relationships is built on lies, you will not be able to trust each other, and if you cannot trust each other, it means you don’t understand each other at all.

A spiritual connection cannot survive in such environments, and that is why it needs honesty, mutual understanding and trust (among others) in order to keep bonding you.

Being able to trust someone is a divine trait. Once you establish it, you have to keep nourishing it, so that it can continue flourishing.

Mutual respect

Another sign of a deep, spiritual connection is mutual respect. Mutual respect means respecting each other on many different levels.

It means respecting each other’s flaws, freedom, differences, similarities, etc. and always giving some space to your partner for his emotional growth.

If you and your partner don’t have a problem with respecting each other’s personal space and you celebrate each other’s differences and similarities instead of constantly trying to change each other, you have a healthy relationship that is blessed with a deep, spiritual connection.

In order to be able to respect each other, you have to have open minds and open souls.

Respect comes from within, and it is one of the most powerful traits one can have.

It is also important to mention that it is really hard to reach the ultimate level of respect for each other, but once you succeed in it, it will be almost impossible to disrupt the established balance.

You’re grateful for each other

When someone is grateful to have you in his life, it means they accept you the way you are.

They don’t have a problem adapting or compromising when needed because they would do anything to keep your relationship alive.

If you and your partner are grateful for each other, it means you have an unbreakable connection with the universe.

Such connections are really rare. It means you’re linked with each other spiritually, and your being belongs to your partner’s being and vice versa. It means you are one.

Another indicator of a spiritual connection is if you’re constantly showing your partner how grateful you are for everything he/she is doing for you.

It could be the most trivial thing like making a cup of coffee, but you will never miss the chance to show your appreciation because you are grateful for the little things in life.

Those little things make you happy, and being grateful attracts spiritual connection.

You’re open with each other

Being open with your partner has enormous benefits that can help transform your relationship in no time.

People often think that being open with each other equals being able to tell your partner when he’s wrong about something.

Yes, but it means more than that. It means being free to say whatever comes to your mind without being anxious about how they’re going to interpret it.

This includes being totally open in terms of your feelings and emotions.

If you and your partner don’t have a problem being vulnerable in front of each other or you’re not afraid of sharing your fears with each other, it means you share a deep, spiritual connection.

Being open also means not taking your partner for granted and knowing how to apologize when you need to.

It means you’re strong enough to be humble when you know you’re right, and you’re strong enough to be humble when you know you’re not right.

You and your partner are engaged in meaningful conversations

Meaningful conversations are conversations that are forcing us to think and invent some new perceptions and ways of dealing with things.

They can be about the meaning of life, aliens, the pursuit of happiness, etc.

If you and your partner enjoy having meaningful conversations with each other, it means you’re both open to improvement, and you appreciate spending quality time together.

The ability and will to be engaged in meaningful conversations with your partner is an ultimate sign of a deep, spiritual connection. That way, the two of you are creating new ways of bonding with each other.

You’re not interested in superficial and boring conversations because you are aware that life’s too short to waste time on talking about trivialities.

And a spiritual connection is all about deep, spiritual thoughts, cravings, ideas and desires.

When you and your partner indulge in such conversations, you’re experiencing a divine force that will enrich your relationship.

You enjoy intimate sex

Another sign of a deep, spiritual connection is intimate sex. Intimate sex or making love is much more than just having intercourse.

Being intimate with someone means being able to give yourself fully to your partner without fear of being judged or rejected. It means embracing your partner and creating love all over again.

This feeling of deep intimacy always makes you feel like you’re making love with your partner for the first time. It is more than just enjoying your partner’s body.

It is connecting two souls into one. It is the act of being comfortable with being vulnerable in front of other being.

You are not afraid to admit that you’re scared when you are, and you’re not afraid to show your partner how much you really love him and cannot imagine your life without him.

Your relationship feels like freedom

Your relationship is not just something that can vanish when you or your partner decide so.

Even when you’re mad at each other, you still feel this deep connection with your partner, and no matter what you do or say, you know this feeling will always remain.

Being in the relationship doesn’t make you feel trapped. Rather, it makes you feel free.

You’re free to try things you never thought you would be able to, and you’re genuinely not afraid to give yourself fully to another being.

You enjoy spending time with your partner because it recharges you, and you need it in order to function properly.

Your relationship is your shelter, home and the place where you can be what you really are.

It makes you feel free as a bird. If you have a relationship like this, it is a relationship blessed with a deep, spiritual connection and ultimate understanding for each other.

Unconditional love

Your love is not like any other you’ve ever witnessed. Your love is special, and you feel like nothing can break it.

The term ‘unconditional love’ means your affection for another human being is without limitations.

It means you’ll love your partner without any conditions. Unconditional love is the most sacred kind of love.

It is not easy to love unconditionally because it includes acceptance, getting up when you fall down, staying positive even when it’s really hard to and so on.

Unconditional love means your love for your partner is so big that nothing will be able to destroy it because you will always fight for it.

When you love someone unconditionally, it means you will always fight for the love the two of you share because this love is the ultimate sign of your deep spiritual connection with your partner.