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All I Need Is A Man Who Actually Gives A Shit About Me

All I Need Is A Man Who Actually Gives A Shit About Me

I can’t believe I still believe in love after all that I have been through, but I do. I believe it’s somewhere out there for me. It just hasn’t found me yet.

And just because I believe in love, it doesn’t mean I am not scared of it at the same time. Every time I gave my heart to someone, they would only return it more scattered than before.

To be honest, I am tired of it. It seems like I am hitting a brick wall, and my love life is essentially going nowhere. I am running in endless circles with men that just waste my time.

The universe isn’t paying attention. I said I want a man who actually gives a shit about me, not a man who treats me like shit. There is a huge difference.

By now, all I experienced was lousy treatment, men who didn’t know what they wanted from life—let alone me—the ones that give their all at first and suddenly pull away, the ones that aren’t ready.

To be honest, I am sick of it. That’s why I decided to be clearer about what I want from a man. I decided it’s time to change my bad taste in men and wait for someone who cares about me.

I need a man who can’t imagine the whole day passing without hearing from me.

Nobody is too busy to text or call at least once a day. It only takes a few minutes, but it means so much. It means you are on his mind. It means he is ready to invest in your relationship. It means he cares.

I can’t make excuses anymore for men who forget all about me as soon as I leave their sight. I refuse to allow anyone who doesn’t make even a tiny bit of effort to waste my time.

I need a man who is burning with the desire to see me.

I hate that feeling when somebody is “meh” about you. I want someone who will miss me when he doesn’t see me for a while. I want to feel my bones almost breaking from his hug.

I want a passionate kiss ‘hello’ and at least a smooch ‘goodbye’. I need a man who is sure about his feelings. I can’t handle half commitments and flakiness. I need a real man who is all in.

I need a man who will give me more than words.

I’ve had my fair share of empty words, false promises and “I love you’s” which were never backed up with actions. Hearing things doesn’t mean anything when you can feel it.

I will value a man who shows me that he loves me more than the one who only talks about love. I want to feel like I am living in a dream because he treats me so well I can’t believe it’s real.

I need a man who will notice that I am feeling down and do his best to lift me back up.

No, I don’t need a hero. I have been my own hero for a long time now. I just need a man who will be observant. Who won’t leave when he sees how upset I am.

Who will stand right by my side even when he doesn’t know what to say? I need a man who will listen and understand.

Who will crack a joke to make me smile for a moment. I would do the same for him.

I need a man who is ready to solve problems and not brush them under the carpet.

I want somebody who is ready to talk things out after every argument. Someone who doesn’t turn his back on me and gives me the cold shoulder.

I need somebody who doesn’t blame me for everything and understands that our problems shouldn’t be bigger than our love for each other. We can get through anything if we are both ready to work on it.

I need a man who likes me for me.

I need a man who won’t try to change me. I need someone who will like me just the way I am. He is the only one who will be able to handle my flaws and enjoy my virtues.

He will proudly hold my hand and won’t hesitate to tell the world that I am someone special to him. He will never put me down. He will be the one who gives me the push I need to be even better.

I need a man who actually gives a shit about me.

Only then all the things I listed above will go smoothly. It will all flow naturally. He will make an effort, I will make an effort, and we’ll find each other halfway.

Instead of being the only one giving her heart, body, and soul into the relationship, all will be reciprocated. I will wait for him, and I won’t settle for anything less.