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This Is How Alpha Females Deal With Breakups

This Is How Alpha Females Deal With Breakups

Let’s not be fooled by the thought that alpha females are spared shitty relationships and bad breakups.

It takes a strong man to handle an alpha female and not many out there are able to keep up with her.

It’s way easier to settle for a woman who won’t challenge him as much as the alpha female will then to work his ass off to be on the same level as she is.

It’s not rare for men to be scared of such a strong female or to sometimes feel insecure around her. The problem pops up when they don’t want to work it out but rather choose to break up.

It’s just that an alpha female deals with breakup a bit differently than other girls.

Regardless of whether she is the one to leave or she is the one that’s being left, her behavior remains pretty much the same.

Same for if she is treated decently after a breakup or if her ex decides to throw stones at her.

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She already knew she’s a bitch. His words won’t hurt her nor will she be offended.

OK, she might react to them or not, but she won’t be hurt by anything he says to her in the moments of his anger outburst.

She’s already been judged for chasing her career, for working into the night, and she’s been accused of being selfish way too many times than was needed.

An alpha female understands that sometimes she needs to sacrifice a bit of her precious time to succeed in life so she could enjoy the fruits of her labor afterward.

So, if she is dumped for trying to make her future bright, so be it. She won’t beat herself down about it. She won’t apologize for taking care of herself and wanting to be independent.

Instead, she’ll dedicate her time to make herself grow even more and she’ll occupy her mind by doing things she loves. Tears are not welcomed anyhow. An alpha female gets over a breakup way faster than her partner.

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She’s aware of herself. She knows how majestic a female she is and that there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

It’s not like she’ll go running into the arms of another guy to forget her ex (it takes time for her to find a suitable partner), but she knows someone better will eventually get to her.

What comforts her the most is the fact he’ll never again find another girl as strong as she is.

She is confident, funny and good-looking, but most of all—she isn’t afraid to show her flaws because she understands those little flaws got nothing on such an intimidating and strong personality such as hers.

If she wasn’t afraid to ask for what she wants in a relationship (and she wasn’t), she will have no trouble getting what she needs elsewhere.

She’ll have no trouble finding a man that will compliment her and her needs. Yes, she is a whole package, but she doesn’t run from commitment at all.

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She will not cry over a breakup, no matter how much she misses the guy (nobody is immune to memories, especially to happy ones).

Instead, she’ll high-five herself by applauding her decision not to put up with his shit.

A true alpha female would rather walk alone over dating a dude who is immature or being with someone that doesn’t make her happy.

She doesn’t get jealous of her ex’s new girlfriend. She got what she needed from him and now she’s free.

She doesn’t get jealous because she doesn’t want him back. She read that book already and there is no need for proofreading.

She might make a toast in his name over a glass of wine but it will be to honor another milestone in her life. What she understands is she’ll run much faster without him and that’s where her grief ends.

This Is How Alpha Females Deal With Breakups