All The Painful Lessons My Ex Taught Me

Sometimes, no matter how much of yourself you give to a relationship, you ultimately realize that some things just can’t


This Is Why I’ll Never Be Able To Trust You

I am a very skeptical person at heart. I wasn’t always like this but people made me this way. I


Real Reasons Why Men Choose The Cowardly Act Of Ghosting

Ghosting is the worst way of breaking up with someone, all because of that lingering feeling that remains in our


If You’re Going To Call Me Last Second, Don’t Call Me

Do not call or text me at the last second, because I don’t like feeling like your afterthought. If you


The Bravest Women Fight Their Battles In Silence

The bravest women are those who endure in silence. The strongest women feel the most, cry a lot and deal


5 Deep Questions You Need To Ask Early On In A Relationship

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For so many years, I was in this weird loop where I kept dating these horrible guys who took much


6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend About Your Ex

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You Don’t Need A Spark To Tell You Your Love Is Real

Sure, when you’re chasing that eternal love, it’s pretty common to expect there to be a spark of some kind


You Told Her You Loved Her, Then You Chose Someone Else

When you told her you loved her and then chose someone else, what you really told her was that her


5 Heartbreaking Reasons Why We Choose To Stay In Unhappy Relationships

The basic need all humans share is to love and be loved in return. There is no greater gift than


All The Ways Your Body Lets You Know He’s The One For You

Do you remember those exquisite feelings of adrenaline and euphoria you feel when you meet someone who immediately makes you

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