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Be With Someone Who Calms You Down

Be With Someone Who Calms You Down

Whenever you think about love, you think about a roller coaster of emotions.

You think of butterflies, of not being able to control yourself, of being head over heels for someone and of losing the ground beneath you.

You think of a man who would challenge you and everything you are, of someone who would rock your world and of someone you would do literally anything for.

Ever since you were a little girl, you had this image of love.

When you read fairy tales, the prince and the princess were surrounded by evil people who wanted to do them harm.

They had to fight different obstacles to be happy in the end. Every love story you saw in your life had a similar plot.

Love was always about finding someone who makes you feel like you are on top of the world. The only relationship worthy of your time is the one you should fight for.

It’s the one that challenges you emotionally and that moves your boundaries. And sometimes, all of these emotions are great.

There are periods in your life when you feel wonderful, with your head high in the clouds, when you are enjoying all the butterflies someone awakens in you and when someone makes you lose all control of yourself.

But is this really true love?

Because let’s face it—most of the things described above are actually passion.

But passion usually brings other problems with it and it brings a greater possibility of having a toxic, emotionally challenging and emotionally damaging relationship.

And although something like this seems exciting in the beginning, it is usually not sustainable in the long run, as much as you wish for it to be.

Let’s face it—this is not real love. It’s just a feeling of being in love but it’s way different from real love, even though you may think it’s the same thing.

Instead of looking for someone who gives you butterflies and who brings you passion, you should look for something completely the opposite.

You should look for someone who brings you peace, because that is something that can’t be measured with anything else.

You should be with someone who brings you tranquility and someone who makes you calm.

You should look for a man who feels like home and who is your peaceful harbor. You should try to find someone whom you should be happy to come home to after a long, stressful day.

As you grow older, you see that these initial butterflies and passion fade away sooner or later.

You see that this is not what you were actually looking for your entire life, even though you were convinced that it was.

You will see that other things are even more important, such as unconditional love, support, friendship and mutual respect between partners.

Although you’ve probably been running from this all of your life, thinking this would be boring, trust me that this is the real deal.

I won’t lie to you—the right guy will probably not give you butterflies and he will not rock your world. But he will give you much more.

He will give you the love and support you’ve always wanted. This guy will not just be your boyfriend, he will be your partner, your family and your best friend.

With this guy, you will feel safer than ever.

He will give you the power and the strength you never knew you had in yourself.

This guy will always push you forward and will make you a better person, without ever trying to change who you are.

He will be someone who will have your complete trust and you will know he has your back, no matter what.

You’ll be able to rely on this guy, without ever questioning his loyalty and without ever doubting his intentions.

All of a sudden, you won’t seem to be so stubborn and hot-tempered. This man will make all of life’s difficulties bearable and all of life’s challenges resolvable.

He will make everything about you seem less complicated and around him, you won’t seem to yourself as so hard to love.

This man won’t give you the things you want and desire. Instead, he will give you everything you’ve ever needed, without even knowing it.

And that will be what makes him so special and worth the wait.