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These Are The Best Zodiac Signs To Have Sex With

These Are The Best Zodiac Signs To Have Sex With


This zodiac sign has a powerful personality which can be seen in taking control all the time.

While having sex, Aries is like burning fire since they won’t stop until you start screaming and begging for more

They can be very impatient, so making love sometimes looks like racing. They want it all and they want it now.

Speed makes them go crazy and if you are intelligent and brave enough to give them what they want, they will keep you in their hearts forever.

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Taurus just LOVES sex! Period. They will win you over by their amazing sex skills. There isn’t anything they won’t try in bed if that means high pleasure for their partners.

They enjoy sex very much so they will never say “no” to you if you are in the mood for some hot game under the sheets.

A good way to make them feel special is massaging their whole body and having wild sex afterward. Oh, I already have chills!


Gemini is the most passionate sign so they can be very passionate lovers.

If you are about to have sex with them, make sure to try new things every time because they easily get bored with the same routine.

They like all sorts of mind games, so if you flirt with their intellect and mind, they will find you very interesting and they will wish to explore you deeper.

In sex, they like touches, dirty talk, teasing and everything else that can make them come in a second. So, don’t hold back and do your magic with them!


Cancers are the most sensual and emotional sign of the zodiac. They are one of the best lovers of all zodiac and sex is for them more than sharing your fluids.

They like kisses, telling them you love them and going the extra mile to satisfy them.

Also, a Cancer loves when their partner is satisfied, so it won’t be a problem for them to go the extra mile to please you.

They are quick learners, so if you tell them what you like in bed, they will memorize it and repeat it every time.

If you want someone who will treat you like you are an apple of their eye, choose a Cancer. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Leos are great in bed if you can compliment them all the time while you are having sex.

They are extremely verbal and they love to hear feedback from you. If your Leo is kissing your body, they will want to hear if you like those kisses and where.

They like to be the dominant ones in sex so don’t even try to switch the roles since Leo is a real beast in bed.


Virgos will always go the extra mile to satisfy you in bed. They seem to be calm, cool, and collected on the surface but they are extremely sensual underneath.

If you want someone to cherish you until you die, Virgo is the right person for you. You just need to do your magic and BAM—they are into you!


Libra is very good lover. Since they are people pleasers, they will do the same things for their partners.

You just wish something and Libra will make your dreams come true.

Your satisfaction is more important than their own, so don’t be surprised if they go down on you and stay there until you reach your first orgasm.

That makes them feel good because it gives them the feeling they just had sex with someone who means the world to them!


Scorpio is the most sexual of all zodiac signs. They like to experiment in bed and they will always try new things using different sex toys.

Laziness in bed is something they don’t know. This zodiac sign will do all in their power to satisfy you and they will feel great about it.

You should bear in mind that seducing them is almost impossible since they are the ones that seduce all the time.


This sign is open-minded and they don’t have problems trying new things to make you happy.

They are also very creative and attentive and they will listen to your wishes and fulfill all of them.

When they are turned on, they are all over the place and sex with them look like racing.

Even if you break up with them, you will never be able to forget amazing sex you two had.


This sign can be a bit lazy in bed but when they are into someone very much, they will transform into wild beasts..

They won’t have sex with someone they don’t love and making love is the final touch of their love.

They like touching and different lingerie. Whatever you do, don’t make them bored. Always try to explore new things and in that way learn about each other.


This zodiac sign is a real beast in bed! They really don’t care if they are in a relationship or not—sex is what matters the most.

They already read all the sex articles, so they know how to please a woman. If you want to seduce them, play hard to get. That will turn them on and they will want you even more.


Pisces have sex only with people they love. They are extremely sensual and emotional so they can even start crying after they reach their first orgasm.

If they chose you to have sex with it means that you are very special person in their life and that they care about you.

The bad thing about them is that they can sometimes be a bit lazy but if you love them, I am sure that won’t be a problem for you.

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