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8 Reasons Why You’re Better Off Single Than Married

8 Reasons Why You’re Better Off Single Than Married

You’re sick of dating or being single and you dream of getting married and finally ending the single life era.

As someone who’s been married for years, very often I recall times when I was single and feel nostalgic. I’ll tell you this:

Don’t rush into marriage! Trust me it’s not as great as you might think.

Enjoy your single life! Being solo is so freeing, single life is full of opportunities and easy like Sunday morning!

I could speak for days explaining why being single is so much better than being married. You don’t believe me? Let me sum it up for you:

1. You’re spontaneous and your schedule is flexible

You can decide to throw a party on a Friday night, or you can have a last-minute weekend getaway. Or you can just spend a Saturday in bed. All day!

The ability to be spontaneous is one of the main perks of being single. You’re free to do whatever you like, whenever you like it. You can play with your dog, grow exotic plants on your window sills, and spend a day shopping.

I wish I could be spontaneous. But there are kids, cooking, cleaning… phew no time for spontaneous activities.

2. Being single is way less stressful than being married

You don’t carry the mom’s mental load, so you’re relaxed and have fewer worries. As there is less housework and no parenting responsibilities, you don’t have to juggle a bunch of tasks all the time.

Most importantly, you don’t have to resolve conflicts with your hubby. You don’t have to apologize or waste your time thinking if you’ve been right or wrong when you shout at him.

No stress to weigh you down! Gurl, I’m telling you, you have no idea how great it is!

3. You’re independent and free to do whatever you want

You decide where to go, what to do, and who to meet without having to think about him, his schedule, or preferences.

You don’t have to worry if he is gonna like your new tattoo or your new hair color. You can adopt a dog or a cat without worrying if he might be allergic.

For married people it’s different, I can’t do anything impulsively. I always have to think about how it’s gonna affect my kids or hubby.

4. Your social life is more fun

When you’re not committed you can spend time with friends, attend networking events, and make important professional or personal contacts with different people.

Meeting new people will help you gain diverse experiences, learn new things, and grow as a person. Your network will expand and you’ll get invitations to many gatherings.

I remember myself dancing at an open-air party, splashed with loads of joy and fun. Those were the good times.

5. Financial freedom is priceless

You control your finances and make decisions about what to spend money on. Also, you can save or invest your money without having to discuss it with anyone else.

You choose your priorities and you don’t have to explain your spending habits to your partner. Wanna buy a new iPhone, why not? You earned that money, you get to spend it as you like!

I, on the other hand, have to plan any investment, always considering if a new bicycle for my son is a higher priority. Mommy can wait for a couple of months to buy a new phone.

6. Nothing stops you from growing personally and professionally

You’re free to try different things, explore your true personality, and have time for your hobbies.

If you want to thrive professionally and hone skills that will be useful and win you a promotion at work, you have all the time you need.

Wanna try yoga? Or Mindfulness? Nothing is stopping you.

7. Being single allows you better self-care

You can enhance your mental wellbeing and focus on self-care. You can meditate and practice different techniques for nurturing self-love and mental health.

You’re free to do things that spark joy and you become more resilient, self-confident, and feel good about yourself.

There’s no way I can ever meditate or do yoga at home. The kids are running around, playing and screaming, and when they go to sleep I’m too tired for anything.

8. Your single life is almost drama-free

You usually don’t fight with your coworkers or friends, right? Most of the conflicts we have are the ones with our significant other. So when you’re on your own, there are no conflicts. Yay!

Also, there is no need to resolve any relationship issues or analyze someone else’s emotions and reactions. You can just enjoy your life in peace and harmony.

When you are calm and relaxed, you’ll feel content and any potential problem will be easily resolved without getting too upset about it.

Still think marriage is blissful and joyful? I didn’t think so.

Singledom is delightful, believe me. Enjoy every moment of “me, myself, and I”. You’ll have nice memories later, when marriage shackles you.