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People With These Professions Are Most Likely To Cheat On You

People With These Professions Are Most Likely To Cheat On You

Cheating is always a hot topic and ongoing debate everywhere. It’s also a thing that’s been around since we exist. If you think about it, cheating is simply in human nature.

It all starts innocently when we’re kids. We cheat while playing games and everyone says it’s cute and funny. Then we grow a bit older and we cheat on our exams, but you know, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Finally, a day comes when we cheat on our partner or get cheated on and then all of a sudden nobody laughs or thinks it’s silly. The thing is, it never was but we are so used to it that we give people a pass too often. 

A recent survey conducted in the U.S. by Bonus Finder revealed that more than 40% of people said they were cheated on, and over 38% of people admitted to cheating on their spouse.

If there’s anyone who knows all the hot secrets and who the most common cheaters are, it would be divorce lawyers! 

Divorce lawyer spills the tea on infidelity

Open your ears and take some notes because a divorce lawyer, Kate Simonds posted an IG reel and revealed some juicy information! She talked about the most common career paths associated with cheaters, and let me tell you, she caused some drama!

She said that it would be best not to take this as legal advice but that women should keep an eye out for these 5 professions:

  1. Firefighters
  2. Police officers
  3. Bartenders
  4. Military men
  5. Pilots and flight attendants

She emphasizes that firefighters are at the top of the list. Not everyone was happy with this revelation so one user commented:

“All the firefighters I know are true family men.”

Few others supported them and defended their firefighter colleagues (aww, how nice of them).

Kate definitely sparked some controversy with this video as a lot of people shared their opinions. Some agreed and said they even had a chance to witness some of their colleagues cheating, especially in the military service. One man commented:

“On point. I was single in the military thank God. I saw some of the worst husbands and wives ever while I was in service.”

Even an ex-stripper tuned in and said:

“As an ex-stripper, I’ll agree on this. The military always meant good money.”

And some were surprised pilots were at the bottom of the list! They probably won’t claim him anymore after his honest comment, as he admitted:

“I work in the airline industry and I’m surprised pilots and FAs are number 5 and not #1. Sooooo many are divorced and lots of hanky panky going on. I know one couple that ALWAYS fly together. He’s a pilot she’s a FA.”

While some shared their experiences, others couldn’t believe that professions like truck drivers, doctors, professional athletes, and DJs didn’t make the cut. But the ones who were especially pissed off because of this list were, guess who? Men. What a surprise, right?

Wait a minute, what about women?

To satisfy both sides, Kate dropped another bomb video, only now exposing women! According to her, these are the most common types of women who cheat:

  1. Women who pay all the bills
  2. Social media influencers
  3. Nurses
  4. Flight attendants
  5. Breadwinners (again)

This time, nurses started the rally by saying they are loyal and don’t have time to cheat since they are too busy. I bet Kate didn’t expect to annoy so many people, but here we are.

The women who are the only ones making money in the household even took two places on the list! So it seems that when women are in their masculine energy, they are more tempted to cheat. Hmm, interesting.

A couple of men even joked they wouldn’t mind their wife cheating as long as she paid the bills. Knowing men, some were probably serious about this. 

Now that we have all the information, the only question that remains is if we can trust it.

Have we found the ultimate hack to uncover cheaters?

It makes sense why some professions were on the list and most of them had some things in common. People doing those jobs often spend a lot of their time away from home or work late night shifts.

Their jobs can also give them a lot of stress and little time to rest. So, just admit it, you can’t say it isn’t logical. It’s not like you would expect a nun on the list. 

However, we shouldn’t generalize and put everyone in the same bracket. Although videos like these seem harmless, people can get the wrong idea.

Some were concerned that this type of content could cause others to be insecure and start doubting their spouses. One woman wrote:

“Videos like this put doubt into weak-minded people and in turn create issues where there weren’t any previously. Do better.”

Now, although this might sound like a cliché, it’s simply true – everyone’s different! We can’t really judge people based on their occupation nor give them lifelong labels that will define them.

I believe people’s characters and actions are the best ones to judge to find out the truth about their loyalty. But what’s your opinion? Have you ever been cheated on by someone in these professions? Now it’s time for you to spill the tea!