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Commons Traits of Successful Women

Commons Traits of Successful Women

Each of us has a unique perspective on what success looks like. To some, it’s getting a morning run in just in time to make it to our full-time corporate position, coming home to a crockpot dinner ready-to-go, and clearing the table just in time to tuck the kids in and turn on an hour-long sitcom before hitting the hay.

To others, it’s rolling out of bed before our last alarm buzzes in our ear at noon, having just enough milk for a late brunch, and gazing out the window at our neighbor jogging by while we shake our head and take a seat on a yoga mat. To be able to truly relaxed—mind, body and spirit—,is success.

And to the rest of us, it’s meeting somewhere in the middle – having a career that defines part of who we are, but not all. Making it home in time to sit at the table with our family and recount our day. Then, throwing on our favorite pair of sweats with some hot tea and our favorite motivational read.

There are a few things that successful women do, however, regardless of their chosen path. And, it’s these things that give us that extra boost to continue on our journey, whatever that journey may be.

We stay curious. Whether it’s about how we’re going to pitch the newest product line, what the other side of the country looks like, how we’re going to one day retire, or why we care about what we do, we’re always curious.

And, because we’re always curious, we aren’t afraid to ask questions. We Google search pretty much everything and when that doesn’t suffice, we join a conference on an issue important to us or attend a seminar on something close to our heart. We read. We journal. We consult our friends and family about the issues closest to our hearts. We never stop asking questions.

And, often, a central question we ask is – how can we help? We have a desire to see a difference in the world, in society, or in our own backyard and we want to be a part of this difference. We want to be part of a transformation – we want to make the world a better place. In helping others, we help ourselves. We learn and grow, and we expand our horizons.

And, because we have a desire to help but we realize we are limited, by ourselves, in the resources we can give, we save. We are thrifty. We are practical. We don’t overspend, and we don’t waste. Waste not, want not. Not only are we limited, but we understand that resources on this planet are limited, in general, and there are others who long for them more. So, we save, and we contribute where and when we can to save others.

In our conquest to save, we know we cannot be afraid of being forced out of our comfort zones. We go if called; we jump in if asked. We leave behind certainly for the uncertain – we aren’t afraid of a blank slate.

Because we’re curious, we want to help, and we’ve positioned our resources in ways that will facilitate us to do so. We take on new ventures, even if they are scary, or daring, or potentially dangerous—even if we don’t see the full picture or have all of the answers. Because, we know we will grow in the midst of a new experience, regardless whether the end result is good to bad.

And, when we go, we document – with pictures and in writing. We show others the beauty in these new ventures, so they can go if called. We are living proof that anything is possible and others need to see this proof. We are proof that we can forge our own paths and are responsible for our own successes.

Because we’re curious, ask questions, have a desire to see a difference, save and take on new ventures only to show others what we discover – we transform. Ourselves, others, the world. Every time we overcome any fear holding us back, refuse to step back from a challenge, and keep insisting on persisting, we are leaving our marks. We are the differences we wish to see. We are the reasons for our own happiness.

We only have one life. So, go and don’t return. If you make a mistake, learn from it. In all things, stay open, accessible, and willing to learn.

Take a new route in your morning run. Try a new dish in your crockpot. Take on an intimidating project at work that everyone else refuses to touch. Ask your neighbor if you can join in on her jog. Meditate during your yoga routine. Read a book on an unfamiliar topic. Watch a documentary instead of a sitcom.

Each of us has a unique perspective on what success looks like. But, we all understand failure and all of the negativity that surrounds it.

You’ve got this. Make today successful.