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Wanna Score A Better Man? Stick Your Nose Into This

Wanna Score A Better Man? Stick Your Nose Into This

Do you live by the proverb “Curiosity killed the cat?” and always mind your own business? Let me change your mind and tell you why you should become more inquisitive. Woman, trust me, you’ll wanna stick your nose into this!

I know the quest for your better half can be a very challenging journey. You’ll need to kiss many frogs before you find your “Prince Charming”. 

It’s not only about loads of hits and misses, but you also need time to understand what it is that you’re looking for in a partner.

You may be puzzled now and ask me: What does curiosity have to do with relationships? Well, if you have a natural sense of curiosity it might be very beneficial in this long pursuit of love. Curiosity helps you find better partners for several reasons:

1. It helps you cherish affection

We are social beings, and we use communication to connect and build relationships. In a relationship, curiosity shows that you are interested and care about the other person. If you’re able to talk openly and listen carefully it’s a very desirable trait to your potential partners.

Did you know that being curious and showing interest in your partner’s life is really effective and highly appreciated? When I started dating my boyfriend I would ask him very specific questions while we were texting, and it really helped us nurture a meaningful relationship.

It creates a deeper emotional connection and shows you really care about his life. It’s like saying, I want to know more about you. If he responds with curiosity about you, it’s a jackpot – over time you two will become closer than ever.

Mutual openness is a good bedrock for a healthy relationship. Exchanging questions and getting to know more about each other’s experiences and beliefs is a way to build long-lasting relationships based on genuine interest in each other.

It’s about showing you genuinely care about their world. And that can make all the difference. Also, it’ll help you find people who share the same values as you.

2. Curiosity and empathy are like cousins

When you’re a curious person it’s easier for you to feel compassion for other people’s emotions and standpoints. That improves your emotional intelligence and you become better in social interactions.

Being more emotionally aware makes it easier for me to navigate my and my partner’s emotions. I just look at him and I know if he is upset or calm. Also, I can make better assessments when meeting new people, I read their gestures and tone like a clairvoyant.

Empathy helps me establish a deeper connection with my partner and understand his perspective better. It’s like I’m looking at the world through his eyes. You can do this only when you are curious to watch how he reacts to certain situations.

Believe you me, empathizing with someone else’s experiences and feelings will help you grow as a person and will develop your emotional intelligence.

3. Curious people find it hard to behave narcissistically

Maybe everyone has some narcissistic traits to a certain extent, but if you’re sometimes self-centered it doesn’t mean you’re being narcissistic.

Narcissistic traits such as selfishness, judgemental, and destructive behavior are in collision with the qualities of curious people. 

As a curious person, I always try to find ways to understand, or I ask for more details to help me get an idea of why my BF feels the way he feels. 

A narcissistic person is unable to be genuinely interested in others, so he won’t be able to understand and relate to how you really feel. They may show empathy but the question is if it was just an act.

Even if you’re dating a narcissistic man, curiosity will help you spot toxic traits sooner and break free on time.

4. Curiosity regulates aggression

Being curious means you are an optimistic, cheerful, and sensitive person and you’re less likely to act hostile and react defensively towards your partner. Curiosity also helps you suppress apathy and aggression and it’ll be easier for you to find your significant other.

An open-minded person can understand different perspectives better and will skip many potential frustrations in interactions. When my BF sounds irritated I will not respond angrily and make it escalate to a huge fight.

I will talk to him later, when he cools off, tell him how I felt when he said that to me, and I will be curious to know what had made him so angry.

Gurl, you wanna master relationship empathy, right? Then always be emotionally mature and have control over your emotions!

5. Curiosity makes you flexible and emotionally resilient

In short we, nosy women, handle rejections easier. It doesn’t affect us much, as our curiosity makes us switch focus onto something else, in the blink of an eye.

We don’t hold a grudge, life is full of surprises, and so are relationships. Being emotionally resilient allows us to bounce back easily.

The world is a beautiful place to live. There are so many different people I can meet and so many things to learn. Sorry, no time for hard feelings!

Remember how curious you were as a little girl? Everything was new and exciting and you kept observing and asking tons of questions. That helped you understand the world around you. Use the same way to understand men better. Just watch him carefully and ask questions.

Agree? Do you still think you should only mind your own business? I didn’t think so.