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Darling, If You Don’t Let Go, It Will Just Hurt More

Darling, If You Don’t Let Go, It Will Just Hurt More

When we get lost in our minds, we tend to see people who are still there, never leaving, always lurking in the darkest corners, waiting for us to search for them just so they can swallow us whole.

They go around, trying to keep us in their lives, trying to show us that we will never find someone like they are.

Thank God we won’t.

Because of these people, we forget what happiness feels like and what true love actually is. We forget that there can be no happiness in suffering and no light in the pitch-black abyss of their lies.

Sounds weird when I say it like that, I know. But, my dear, sit down for a while and let us talk about him.

You met, how? He came into your life making love seem effortless and like nothing could ever go wrong with you two, because he seemed ready to commit to someone as beautiful as you are.

So you went for it. You went all in. You didn’t leave anything for yourself, am I right? Everything that was you, was now his.

What did he do with those pieces of you that he held? Did he take good care of you? Did he make you feel secure and loved? No. No, he didn’t.

He made you cry yourself to sleep at night because you didn’t know where he was for days, just for you to find out that he was with other women, having his fun.

He was having a great time while you were lying in your bed, devastated and desperate, not knowing what to do with those tears that kept flowing. You didn’t know what to do to make it all stop.

He made you feel like you didn’t deserve the love and affection he gave you at the beginning, although you gave him all of the love you could, you gave him everything he could ever ask for.

But it still wasn’t enough. There was nothing you could do to make him believe that loving you was the right choice.

But the real question is: why are you even trying? Why are you even trying to convince him that loving you would be so beautiful? No. Stop it right now.

The people in our lives who appreciate us and show us respect deserve to be there. Not the people whom we have to fight just so they could see that we are precious and caring.

There is no need for you to be chasing someone who keeps running away from you.

Stop. Turn around. Leave.

Keep moving forward in your life on your own two feet and don’t ever look back. I know that leaving will hurt. Trying to forget everything will hurt even more.

But it can’t compare to the suffering that is going to occur if you stay even a minute longer.

He doesn’t deserve you in his life. The miserable life of him chasing other women just so he could satisfy his immature self isn’t something you should be paying attention to right now.

But rather, pay yourself that attention. Find a way to be the center of your own little universe and stop staying with him, because you know he won’t change.

He can’t change. He doesn’t want to change.

He didn’t just break promises, he broke you.

He broke you to the point of not knowing that there is a life outside the grasp of someone as toxic as him. He made you believe that you will never be happy without him.

But the truth is that only when you leave him, will you find true joy.

That’s why you need to pack your stuff, take everything you have with you. Collect your broken pieces and start moving on. If you stay, it will only hurt more.