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Before Dating A Girl Who Experienced Domestic Violence, Know This

Before Dating A Girl Who Experienced Domestic Violence, Know This

A girl like this went through so much in her life and all the things that happened to her will always be a part of her. That means she needs a man who will be there for her.

She needs someone who will fight for her and not with her. She needs a man who will finally be her safe harbor she can always go to when she feels down.

And most of all, she needs you to prove your love and affection to her.

So, if you want to date a girl who experienced domestic violence, there are things you should know in order to make your relationship work.

1. She can’t run away from her past

Even if she wants to forget her past, she can’t. There are some awful things that happened to her with her ex but all those things made her the person she is today—strong, independent and the one who finally loves herself.

Her past is just a lesson that she learned in a tough way, but at least she knows that she will never settle for less than she deserves.

So, if you really care about her and if you want to make a nice story with her, try to embrace her with all her imperfections. And keep in mind that she wasn’t guilty of the things that happened to her.

She just had bad luck in love, so make sure that you show her what real love is.

2. Physical contact is not easy for her

You need to understand that she left an abusive relationship in which her partner was physically violent and where she suffered a lot.

That’s why she won’t feel so comfortable for you to touch her at the beginning and you will have to gain her trust so she can properly relax and do the first move.

She has trauma from her past, so it will mean a lot to her if you could understand the way she feels and her decision that she wants to take it all easy.

Don’t think that she doesn’t want you to hug her or touch her, because she wants it all but when it is the right time.

3. She feels empty and lost

Even if she escaped her abusive relationship, she still didn’t gain trust in herself.

She is still quite empty and lost, and she doesn’t know where the right path is for her. That’s why she needs a man who will be her leader and who will know what is best for her.

She needs someone to whom she feels safe to tell all the awful things that happened to her in the hope that a man like that will help her overcome her problems.

4. She needs you to be patient

Every man wants to know what happened to his partner in a relationship before him, especially if it was an abusive one. She knows that you want to know all the details but she also needs some time to open up to you.

You were never in her shoes and you don’t know what it feels like when a man you love the most hits you or belittles you.

When she is ready to tell you all about her experience, she will open up to you but until that happens, just be patient and don’t force her to anything.

5. She needs your support

When she finally gets the courage to sit down and to talk to you, don’t make her feel bad by feeling sorry for what happened to her. She doesn’t need that. She doesn’t need you to look at her like at the victim.

She wants to hear from you that she is strong. She wants to hear that you are proud of her and everything that she did to get rid of an abusive partner.

Tell her all that she wants to hear and whatever you do, don’t forget to tell her that you love her—because that is what matters the most.

6. She deserves better and she knows it

This is a woman who has been through more shit in her life that you can even imagine.

She is a person who knows what it feels like to be happy but also what it feels like to be beaten to an emotional death.

Now, when she got rid of that situation, she is aware of the fact that she deserves way better circumstances than the one she has been in and that she is prepared to do anything to finally feel satisfied and happy.

Hope you will show her what real love feels like and hope you will be the soulmate she craved for, for such a long time!


deborah bennett

Thursday 3rd of May 2018

so very true thank you