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Don’t Ask If She’s Fine, Just Give Her A Hug

Don’t Ask If She’s Fine, Just Give Her A Hug

Don’t ask her what’s wrong while she blinks a million times just to make her tears go away.

Don’t ask her why she’s down and why her hands are shaking so much.

Don’t you dare to ask her why she doesn’t laugh as much as she did before or where those black circles around her eyes came from.

Don’t ask her why she doesn’t bother putting on her eyeliner anymore or why she keeps wearing that one oversized hoodie all the time. Don’t even think of asking her where she got it in the first place.

Don’t ask her why she bites her lower lip while she nervously glancing through the room full of people as if she’s looking for something or somebody.

Don’t you dare tell her she looks like a mess and then ask her what’s wrong.

Don’t ask her why she’s always alone, why she stopped letting people in, and how come she avoids everybody she loved before.

Don’t ask why she’s broken, don’t ask why she prefers night over day, or if she can forget all those people who broke her.

Don’t ask her if she’s fine—you know she’ll lie.

When you see she’s about to cry, don’t ask anything, it doesn’t matter. Just hug her and shut up.

When you see she’s nervous, she’s shaking, and she’s broken, pull her in your arms.

When you know she hasn’t laughed for a long time, make her smile, wrap your hands around her, and tell her something nice.

When she looks like the biggest mess there is, don’t ask questions—tell her she looks perfect the way she is and hug her.

When she glances through the room full of people, don’t ask her who’s she looking for—hug whoever she’s missing out of her body.

When she insists on being alone, look her in the eye and tell her she’s more than enough, tell her she’s worthy, and she deserves to be loved. Tell her how she didn’t deserve to be broken, but it doesn’t matter that she is because you’re there to glue her broken pieces back together.

Don’t ask stupid questions. Don’t be one of those who don’t know what to do. Don’t try and say things that might make her feel worse.

When you see a girl that hasn’t been herself in a while, don’t ask questions you already know the answer to. Instead, wrap your arms around her. Let her feel your warmth. Let your closeness exile her depression, her dark thoughts, her will to die.

Make her feel alive again. Make her feel like she isn’t alone. Make her feel safe. Don’t ask. Just hug her.