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Don’t Get Married Until You Know These 5 Things About Your Partner!

Don’t Get Married Until You Know These 5 Things About Your Partner!

When you deeply love someone and your love is reciprocated, there’s nothing greater in the world than the feeling of becoming one and getting married.

But rushing into marriage before asking yourself some crucial questions might not result positively, no matter how much you love each other.

Regardless of whether you’ve been dating for quite a long time now or if you’ve been together for years, there are some important questions that you need to ask yourself in order to be ready to tie the knot!

You see, making a vow is a great responsibility toward yourself and your partner and in order for your marriage to blossom and to reach the ultimate happiness, you need to ask yourself if you’re both ready to sacrifice, fight the tough moments and never give up, no matter what happens.

To be one hundred percent sure that you’re both ready to tie the knot, here is a list of 5 things that you need to know about your partner before deciding to get married!

Their opinions on having children (and how many)

Having children is no longer a ‘prerequisite’ like it was in olden times but many people do not foresee the fact that not everyone is interested in having children after getting married.

They forget to ask their partner about their opinions regarding having children because they already assume that they are probably interested in doing so.

Or they talk to their partner about it but forget to ask about the number of children, which again might result in disagreeing (when it’s kind of too late).

To avoid any kind of future disappointments, it is always a good idea to talk to your partner about these things openly and to ask them to confirm it once again if needed.

If you’re not on the same page regarding having children, you might break your vows sooner than you thought because your marriage won’t be as you’ve imagined it, so never forget to discuss this with your partner!

Their financial situation

Just think of all those scenes in movies where newlywed couples are fighting and arguing about money.

Indeed, this is a harsh reality.

If you’re not familiar with how your partner behaves regarding their finances, your marriage could easily turn into a nightmare.

You need to know if your partner is reasonable with money and if they have any debt that might greatly affect your marriage.

And even if you know that your partner is financially secure and can afford to spend lots of money (on unnecessary things), you should never come to the conclusion that you’re pretty much safe with them.

Their financial situation might go downhill within a month and all of the dreams of your bright future together with it as well.

Always think rationally when it comes to finances.

Never pay attention just to the amount of money they have but instead to how they handle it because this will save you lots of pain in your together life!

How they treat others (family, strangers, exes)

Do they hold grudges with a particular family member or their ex? Are they rude to strangers, bartenders and others that they don’t know?

How they treat others is one of the most important things that you certainly want to pay attention to because their behavior will reflect in your future together life as well.

Pay attention to how they interact with their family, so that you’re familiar with any potential drama.

Also, you should observe their behavior when they are talking about their exes.

If they treat all of their exes with respect, they will treat you the same way as well.

But if they are constantly babbling badly about them, it means they are emotionally immature and they still need time to get in touch with their feelings and inner self.

Their preferences regarding physical intimacy

True physical intimacy with your partner is like the spark of your marriage.

As long as you touch each other and show appreciation for each other mentally and physically, your marriage will be the embodiment of happiness.

But don’t get me wrong. This is not only concerned with making love to your partner.

It encompasses all of those little things that you do and gestures that you make for each other, like holding hands, hugging each other from the back, kissing before parting, touching your toes when in bed and similar.

You need to know what type of physical contact makes your partner happy and you need to expect him to know the same and act accordingly.

Marriage requires hard work and you need to make sure that your partner is willing to ‘cooperate’ and make an effort to please you.

How they handle difficult situations

We all face difficult times at some point and we all handle them differently.

But when you’re married to someone, there is no room for acting irresponsibly or childishly in difficult situations.

So, you need to pay attention to how your partner is behaving when he’s in trouble or in a stressful situation with his job, personal life, family or similar.

Does he pull away and ignore the problem or does he face it bravely and immediately start finding solutions for it?

If he seems to ‘shit his pants’ when he has to make a difficult decision or deal with something stressful, this is neither a good sign nor a desirable quality when it comes to marriage.

You need to be one hundred percent sure that your partner is emotionally and physically ready to face multiple barriers that you may encounter in your together life and that you can always count on him because that is the only way to a healthy and successful marriage, full of blessings!