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Don’t Love Too Soon And Don’t Trust Too Fast – It’ll Change Your Life

Don’t Love Too Soon And Don’t Trust Too Fast – It’ll Change Your Life

Have you ever fallen in love, immediately trusted everything he had to say, and imagined your future with him the next day?

I have.

It was the worst mistake of my life.

Your aching heart tells you that it needs all the love it can get. Your tired soul is desperate for any kind of nourishment. 

You put on your rose-tinted glasses, the biggest ones you’ve got, and proceed to destroy your life.

So, have you ever done this? If yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about and you won’t ever do it again.

If you haven’t, learn from my mistake to avoid getting hurt.

It’s impossible to get to know a person that quickly. Honestly, it takes years to know someone, and even then you can’t tell if you know them completely because people change.

All the adrenaline in your body clouds your view completely. You’re so excited that you’re finally getting your chance to share all the incredible love you have inside with someone special.

You don’t see any red flags, no matter how they behave.

People always tell you who they are, it’s just that you rarely listen. You need them to be good.

You think that everyone in this world is similar to you. From where you’re standing, there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to be deceitful or hurtful to others.

Why would he lie to you? Nope, he’s a super nice guy who’s on the same page as you. He’s happy to build a trusting, healthy relationship with you.

Girl, are you wrong or what?!

Everything you think is true in the very first days or weeks of meeting someone is probably far from true. 

Some people unconsciously lie to their potential partners, trying to present themselves in the best light possible. Some of them, though, are just intentionally trying to mess with you.

No matter how hot, interesting, smart, or exciting they seem, you have to learn so much more about them before you give them your heart.

Yes, share your time. Yes, talk to them endlessly. Go out, hang out… but keep your heart safe by whatever means possible.

No one you have just met should be trusted to take care of the thing most precious to you. No one.

You might have been waiting for this moment for a while now and be eager to share everything you’ve got – but hold on. 

Hold on but don’t hold back.

Feel free to share everything about yourself. The right person will love you for who you are. Don’t waste your time trying to adapt to the image of the girl you think he wants to be with.

Give him a chance to love you as you are but most of all, give yourself time to meet him as he is.

Waiting never hurt anyone. You might think that all the most powerful love stories are impulsive and abrupt but that’s so not true. 

We see all those ‘’fell in love the second they met’’ scenarios in the movies but let me tell you something.

In a movie, we only see one part of the story – the most exciting, interesting part. We rarely see what happens afterward, when everything starts falling apart – and it most certainly does at some point. 

Don’t try to replicate anyone’s love. You do you.

True love, devotion, and honesty take time. This is what you’re after, right? No one should ever get a chance to break your heart. 

By trusting someone too soon, by loving them too soon you are asking for trouble. Respect yourself and know your own worth – don’t let anyone fool you. 

Reconsider your choices, think about your options, don’t start thinking that it’s now or never.

Be cautious, because what you’re giving him is the power to destroy you. Make absolutely sure he won’t.