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Don’t Wait For A Man To Change Or Grow Up Because You’re Stopping Your Own Happiness

If you’ve ever been in this situation you know how hard it is.

You spend so much time together, you know the deepest part of each other, but something isn’t right and you just can’t ignore it anymore.

It pains you to see him running around in circles hurting himself and hurting you.

You’ve tried over and over again but nothing’s ever happened.

It’s soul-crushing to know that you can’t help or change the person you love.

The same person who doesn’t love himself because he chooses destructive behavior instead of healing.

Humans have an addictive nature. For some people, negativity is addictive too.

Negativity comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes it’s toxic behavior, sometimes it is constantly criticizing, sometimes it’s thoughts of despair.

Unfortunately, there’s just so much you can do.

What’s worse, often you want to help him but he refuses and hurts you in the process.

That’s when you know that the wounds are too deep and you’re neither a doctor nor a psychologist.

I’m almost sure you’ve done everything there is to change the situation but you’ve failed every single time.

Even when you thought that things were going better it turned out it was just a temporary thing.

That’s no way to live.

To make progress, the first person that needs to put in some effort is him, not you.

Constantly thinking about the well-being of another person makes us miserable in the end because we don’t have time for ourselves.

Nothing can be gained from two unbalanced people trying to keep a relationship alive.

If there’s nothing to give – it’s not a relationship.

By holding onto something that’s already dead you’re stopping yourself from experiencing happiness. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Happiness favors the brave. Be brave.

He won’t change. You won’t change that fact.

It’s better to move on and let him fight his own battles. In the end, he has to help himself.

Sometimes the problem is exactly the fact that you let him count on you all the time. That’s a sign of a dependent relationship – and that leads nowhere.

In order to make a change in life, everyone has to give up something. If he’s not ready now, he might never be.

You can’t sit and wait for better days. Why should you when you can actively live them?

Sometimes life isn’t a wild sea that throws you around, sometimes it’s just your emotions you haven’t learned to control.

Not everything is possible to control – but with a strong will, it’s possible to optimize almost everything in your life including feelings and relationships.

Don’t rob yourself of happiness. Let go of what refuses to change. Don’t be the victim of circumstances and other people’s decisions.

Not everything is as it seems now. You will move on. Things will get better. You’ll meet new people and life will go on.

Don’t do the same thing he’s doing – don’t be afraid to make a change. Step into your power and decide how you want to live your life.

The first thing is to stop blaming yourself for the faults of others.

The second thing is to believe you can do better.

You can do what you set your mind to. Learn from other people’s mistakes and don’t give up.

The only thing that keeps a person from growth is the inability to adapt and change combined with low self-esteem.

All those things are solvable if you want them to be.

The moment you realize that you set yourself free.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou