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The Energy The Cold Moon Brings To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Energy The Cold Moon Brings To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You must wonder what else this tough year has in store for you. Well, 2020’s final full moon reaches peak illumination on 29th December, which means that you’re still up to some thrilling surprises.

Fun fact: the name “cold moon” carries a symbolic meaning to December’s weather conditions.

I’m sure that you’re most concerned about the influence it has on your life. What kind of energy does it bring along? Here are the radical changes each zodiac can expect from this year’s cold moon.


This is the period for your wildest dreams to come true. Buckle up because you’re in for some serious adventures.

However, I’m not talking about your personal life here. Instead, you’ll experience major changes when it comes to your career.

You’ll meet new people who will help you open the doors to the unknown world. Be careful not to miss your chance!

Most importantly: be brave enough to take it. Jump into the unknown; I promise that great things await you.


You’re about to get an offer that you can’t refuse. Nevertheless, I’m asking you to be careful. Things aren’t always as bright and shiny as they appear.

Everything is up to you and your ability to play your cards right. You can either make the worst or the best decision of your life. Either way, your world will be twisted upside down.


If you’re a Gemini, expect some significant changes in your love life. After all this time, you’ll get the closure you’ve been looking for.

This doesn’t have to necessarily mean that you’ll get the answers to all of your questions from the person who should give them to you.

Although this course of events is also possible, it is more likely that you’ll reach important conclusions on your own.

The bottom line is that you’ll get the peace you deserve. You’ll end this year the right way: leaving your past behind.


December’s moon will have the most effect on Cancer. Forget about your comfort zone because this is the time to step into the unknown, whether you are ready or not.

Whatever changes you face, don’t lose your true self. Take care of your physical and mental health, and always put your own well-being first.


Some great news for all the single Leos out there: a new romance is just around the corner.

I’m not saying that you’ll necessarily meet your forever person, but the butterflies in your belly will definitely wake up.

What happens next is up to you, but you certainly won’t be alone during the holidays.

On the other hand, if you’re already in a relationship, watch your moves! The last thing you want is to ruin a partnership you’ve been building for years due to a temporary affair.

It’s better to keep a low profile. Even harmless flirting can be hazardous during this time of the year.


Your family life is about to step on shaky ground. Your marriage might enter a crisis, but that doesn’t mean you should give it up.

Instead, remember who you are and everything you are capable of. There is no need to panic, but don’t get too relaxed either.

Just take matters into your own hands and put effort into getting your family out of this mess.


You’ll spend most of your time in December reflecting on the previous year. A lot has happened, and when you come to think about it, you’ll see that you’re nowhere near the person you were back in January.

Now, you’ve reached the point of no return. You’re at the crossroads of your life: will you embrace your new self or will you go back to your old ways? It’s time for some major decisions.


The cold moon will affect Scorpios financially. Don’t be scared to make some risky investments, but always keep a little bit of savings on the side if things go downhill.

Just because the stars will work in your favour, it doesn’t mean that you should behave recklessly. Play it smart and you’ll have the entire year to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


December’s cold moon is in your sign, so it’s safe to say that the world revolves around you now. Therefore, “New year, new me” is much more than an empty phrase as far as you’re concerned.

This really is a unique chance for new beginnings. Use this period to transform yourself entirely.

But, for most people, this transformation is not about becoming different at all. Instead, it’s all about accepting your true self.


I know you want to make the best out of every day. However, slowing down a little hasn’t hurt anyone.

Give yourself a break – you have worked hard to deserve the rest. You’ve worked hard throughout the entire year, so now it’s safe to lay back and enjoy some time off.

Don’t beat yourself up for relaxing. Remember: you’re a human being – not a robot, and you have to recharge your batteries from time to time unless you want to burn out.


What could be a better time to spend with your loved ones than this festive period? See this as a chance to reconnect with your family and old friends.

Sort your priorities out and figure out who deserves to get your undivided attention. Who are the people who deserve your presence and unconditional love?

And, for the others? Well, this is also the time to cut some ties. Kick out anyone who doesn’t treat you right and whose energy doesn’t bring you anything beneficial.


Great news for your career. You won’t get that promotion you’ve been hoping for right away, but your current efforts will pay off during the next year.

Please don’t see this as pressure. Just continue being your best self and everything will fall into place before you know it.

Keep your head up and don’t lose your optimism. I promise you: huge things await you.