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Family Oriented Man: 15 Reasons Why He’s Boyfriend Material

Family Oriented Man: 15 Reasons Why He’s Boyfriend Material

We are so used to looking for red flags and guarding our hearts against potential pain that we forget to look at people and situations from a brighter perspective.

It’s time to look for the signs that he is just the man you need, which are super easy to spot if you have your eyes on a family oriented man.

He is like a lifebelt and a treasure to keep in the sea of players, cheaters, narcissists, and toxic men.

A man who is close to his family, values and respects women, isn’t afraid to commit – it’s enough to make long term relationship plans sounds almost like a myth these days when it should be the most common and natural occurrence.

Keep in mind that this is just speaking generally, but most family oriented men have better preconditions to being perfect boyfriend material.

This is what makes them simply amazing:

The idea of being with just one woman for the rest of his life doesn’t scare him a tiny bit

While most men today cringe at the idea of just one woman for the rest of their days, he is the complete opposite.

He wants a family of his own one day, so he usually looks at a girl he is dating as potential for something more committed and serious one day.

He knows that he can have the whole world in one woman and he doesn’t need an emergency escape plan from the relationship.

His communication skills are on point

A man close to his family is used to talking, and talking a lot. It’s simply inevitable.

And his communication skills have been forged from a young age.

He is a good listener and great at giving advice. He can also spend a lot of time talking about sweet nothings.

A girl could really use more of that these days.

Serious conversations don’t scare him either.

He is used to sitting down with his family to discuss whatever needs to be discussed and finding a way to handle a situation.

He will try to fix things before giving up

He won’t run at the first sight of relationship trouble. If you two hit a bump on the road, he would definitely want to find a way to surpass it.

He’s seen his parents, grandparents, and all of his other family members do it a million times.

Only if he is completely dissatisfied or doesn’t feel like things are adding up will he call it quits.

Otherwise, he will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship going. He believes in fixing things and giving up is his last resort.

Conversation, compromise, and meeting each other in the middle is in his eyes a recipe for a good relationship and he couldn’t be more right.

He is there through thick or thin

There is one thing about a healthy family that captures the essence of every relationship.

Whatever happens, they stick together. They are there even when everything is falling apart.

That is why this man will be your greatest support through all the rough days.

He knows that life is not always fair and that it can serve you a few curveballs down the line, that’s why he doesn’t expect you to be all smiles and giggles all the time.

He understands, listens, supports, and if he can, he helps. Sometimes knowing that someone is there, standing silently and lovingly by your side, is enough.

He is both your best friend and lover

A recipe for an incredible relationship is being with somebody who is both your passion and your peace.

Being attracted to each other, but also being able to chill, talk seriously, and have fun together is all you really need.

Finding someone to occupy your bed isn’t too difficult, but having someone you can share your deepest and most intimate thoughts is something hard to come by and of great value.

That’s why a family oriented man is a keeper.

He knows that sex isn’t everything and he values the friendship part of your relationship just the same.

For him, having emotional intimacy is even more important than a physical one.

He spends a lot of time with his family, so he’ll spend a lot of time with you too

He loves spending time with his family. For him, wherever they are, home is right there. No matter how busy he is, he will make time for them.

Odds are he will transfer this behavior and needs into his relationship with you.

The deeper you get into your relationship, the more attached he will get.

He will start to look at you as one of his most precious family members in a way.

He will put you way high on his priority list and make sure he spends enough time with you.

He hopes that he will one day have a family like the one he was raised in

Men who were raised in happy homes naturally aspire to make a home for themselves one day.

So your family oriented man will be a bit traditional and probably want a wife, kids, a dog, and a car – the whole package – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

They know that not everything will be milk and honey all the time, but they know that the positives always outweigh the negatives.

If you build a stable relationship together and he realizes that you are his forever person, he will get down on one knee before you know it.

He loves his mother, but he isn’t a mama’s boy

A man who has a tight relationship with his mother is not necessarily a mama’s boy. Don’t label him too soon.

Mama’s boys are nearly impossible to date.

You will realize early on that there are three of you in the relationship as soon as his mom butts into your relationship or decides that she doesn’t like you for no good reason.

If he has a normal and healthy relationship with his mother, that’s just a plus for you. If he respects his mother, he most likely respects all women.

His mother will be a part of your life, but not a part of your relationship, which is more than enough.

He loves kids

Not all men like kids, some just don’t have it in them.

On the other hand, this guy is more than happy to sit on the lawn and play with kids for hours at a time.

This is not just about hoping to have kids of his own one day; this speaks volumes about him as a person. It shows that he is patient, affectionate, playful, and innovative.

He is still a kid at heart and he genuinely enjoys spending time with them. All in all, he is a goodhearted person.

He is a man of his word

He learned throughout life with his family life that promises are meant to be kept.

So if he said he will show up for family dinner, he will be there fifteen minutes early. If he promised to mow the lawn, he will do it.

He won’t serve you false promises. If he says he will do something, he will.

He would rather say he is not sure if he can because he would hate to see you disappointed or make you think that he is being dishonest.

You will be included in each other’s family life

Once you get to the point where you are sure about each other, you will meet each other’s families.

If you are as family oriented as he is, you will love it.

Not only do you have firm bonds with your family, but you are getting an additional one. You are getting all the laughter, fun, and quirks twice.

Of course, you will get some drama parts too, but that’s just the way families are.

He will also have no problem with accompanying you to your cousin’s wedding or sitting with your folks for an afternoon coffee and cake, and you will love him even more for it.

You won’t have to deal with a bunch of insecurities because he barely has any

This is not true for everyone, but generally speaking, growing up in a loving and supportive environment builds confidence.

You are surrounded by people who believe in you and love you just the way you are, so it’s easier to give those things back to yourself.

We don’t even have to tell you how important a man’s confidence is for your relationship.

He won’t feel insecure every time you go out with your friends because he thinks somebody better than him will steal you away.

He won’t be someone you have to push, pull, and drag, but your equal partner who has your back and you have his.

He is fun to be around

Most family oriented people are up for pranks, jokes, and having fun as much as possible.

He won’t mind making himself a laughing stock and he won’t spare you either. He will enjoy teasing you and making you laugh.

He knows how to turn an ordinary situation into an interesting one.

So, playing board games, cards, or video games, or even relaxing on the couch will be more interesting than a whole night of clubbing.

He takes commitment seriously

A man who is not afraid to commit – is he a reality or a dream? Well, there are still a few left and this guy is one of them.

Getting into a relationship that has substance and the possibility to go onto the next level doesn’t scare him.

Being loyal and devoted to just one person is the most normal thing in the world for him.

He lives in the moment

He believes that every moment is precious and that he has to make the best of it.

He might not be big on words, but he is big on actions, and that’s a million times more important.

That’s why, once he is coupled up with you, he will show you just how much he enjoys spending time with you.

He will think of the things you can do together, find some common interests, and even make future plans.

He will also want to make sure you are happy by his side.

If you read all these signs and you are aware that you are dealing with a family oriented men, you are probably sure of your next step – hold on tight and never let him go.

Men like him are a true treasure.