When you are raised by a single mom, you will never feel a lack of love.

She will compensate for the love your father didn’t give you just so you won’t be sad.

You see, she doesn’t want you to think that you are not worthy and that your dad doesn’t love you because of that.

She wants all the best for you. That’s why she was carrying that heavy burden on her back for such a long time.

She was both a mother and a father to you, not thinking how hard it was on her.

You were always the apple of her eye and she couldn’t stand to see a tear in yours. That’s how much she loves you.

When you are raised by a single mom, you learn from a young age that you should work hard to get everything you want.

She is someone who was working two different jobs just so she could provide you with all the things you needed.

She never wanted to trick people and earn money the easy way.

Instead, she learned, she educated herself, and finally she succeeded.

There were so many times when she was tired of it all, when she just wanted to quit, but then she would see your eyes looking at her and admiring her.

All of a sudden, she felt an enormous urge to fight and never give up. She did it all because of you.

When you’re raised by a single mom, you learn that life is more beautiful with only one parent who really loves you.

You learn that you can’t make someone love you and that you will never have an ideal life with your dad.

So, it is better for him to stay away and let you live normally than to listen to him and your mom fight all the time.

When you’re raised by a single mom, you learn that love is not as easy as they told you.

You saw it between your parents and you know that both partners need to make some effort if they want it to work out.

You learn that one person can’t hold it all under control and that love is nothing without respect and affection.

When you are raised by a single mom, you learn that she is your best friend, your late night call, and your guardian angel.

You realize that you can always count on her and that she will never judge you for anything.

Instead, she will always be on your side, taking your back, and protecting you from all the bad-mouthing.

She is the only person you can tell all your secrets to, knowing that she won’t reveal them to anyone.

She is the only friend without an interest, one who will love you and accept you just the way you are.

When you are raised by a single mom, you learn from a young age that life is not fair and that the good people don’t always get the best things.

Instead, the only thing they get is suffering and tears and they never find the luck they deserve.

You know that because your mom is living proof of that.

You were watching her all your life struggling with problems and she could never get all those good things she deserved.

But she was never sad about that because she got the only thing she needed – you!

When you’re raised by a single mom, you learn to be empathetic.

You never take people for granted and you feel sympathy toward those who weren’t so lucky in life.

You always have some feeling for the sad souls and you believe you can help them at least by just talking to them.

You become a person who lives to help others and to make them feel better because you know that you were once someone who needed help.

You become a person who doesn’t close eyes in the face of problems, but one who resolves them.

You become a person with a beautiful soul that your mom is so proud of.

When you are raised by a single mom, you learn to cherish all the good things that happen to you.

You know that good things are so rare and that you should enjoy them while they last.

The most important thing is that you always share your happiness with others and you never keep the good things for yourself only.

You are not someone who is selfish, but rather a person who gives all you have to others because it makes you happy.

You live to make others happy and you enjoy it.

When you’re raised by a single mom, you become aware of the strength one woman can have for the sake of her child.

This is something you can only feel once you become a mother yourself.

Only then you will realize how much your mother sacrificed for you and that her love can’t measure with anything in this world.

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