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God Doesn’t Hate You, He’s Just Clearing Your Path

God Doesn’t Hate You, He’s Just Clearing Your Path

Life has beaten and bent you so many times, and you are surprised you are still standing.

it’s no wonder you’ve started thinking God has forgotten all about you or even stopped loving you. 

Shake that thought off right away because it’s not true.

When it comes to God, he only wants the best for you.

Trust me, I know. 

I also had that moment in my life where I looked up and asked Him directly: “Why do You hate me? What did I do wrong to pay for it with so many tears and disappointments?” 

I’ve been there, heartbroken, weak in faith, and emotionally exhausted.

But God made me ashamed for ever doubting Him. 

His path ended up being better than anything I could have ever imagined.

I just lacked patience.

I wanted things to fall into place immediately.

But that’s not how His path went.

It tested my limits. It made me feel weak and unwanted.

It made me doubt my purpose and my existence. 

I’ve been through a lot, and though love problems weren’t the worst that happened to me, somehow the pain they brought was the sharpest. 

So many times I hoped for the best and got the worst.

Everything would start off great.

I would get my hopes up, thinking that maybe this time my luck would change, but it never did. 

I would invest my whole being, and in the end, I would get one big fat nothing—drops of happiness and a sea of sadness; bits of love and a whole lot of disappointments. 

I wore my heart on my sleeve.

I was loyal to the bone, and I always gave the best of me for the person I loved…and I would end up hurt every single time. 

I didn’t know who I was, where I was going, and what destiny had in store for me.

I was lost and exhausted from my own feelings, and somehow God found me again. 

You see, all I needed to do was ask God to help me find my way and learn to trust His timing, and you should do the same.  

God can ease the pain in your heart.

He can be your main source of mental and emotional strength.

With him in your corner, there’s no reason why you will not be able to bounce back.

You are not alone.

We’ve all experienced similar feelings at one point or another.

We’ve all been down, and we’ve all gotten up eventually. 

Good and bad exchange paths all through our lives.

All the bad things that happen to us are our teachers; they force us to learn, and they strengthen us. 

If you are wondering why God allows these types of things to happen to you, the answer is strange, but God knows that set-backs and disappointments will make you a better person.

Every challenge in life is designed to test your courage, patience, and faith.

Running away from a challenge is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make in your life.

You should embrace every challenge with open arms.

God knows your tolerance level.

He knows how much pain you can bear.

He knows that you are much stronger than you think. 

Some pains are inevitable, and some of them are for your own good.

Him keeping you away from someone you are not meant to be with is definitely for your own good.

Staying longer than you should would definitely make irreparable damage. 

Some people simply don’t deserve to be in your life.  

Please keep in mind that emotional pain can serve your best interest.

It can help you become centered, and it can also help you build a stronger relationship with God.

God has your best interest at heart and He wants you to reach your full potential.

This is the primary reason why you face trials and turmoils.

All those falls will help you become a well-rounded human being.

They will teach you how to lift yourself up. 

Life is filled with small valuable lessons.

You must learn to take heed to them.

Once you do, you will become wiser, stronger, and bolder.

You will discover your own bravery, resilience, and true power.

You can learn from your mistakes and move forward.

Don’t make the mistake many people do and try to rekindle a toxic relationship.

Pursuing them is a waste of time and energy.

Believe me, I know that is can be hard to let someone go.

All those special memories and deep emotions can make it extremely difficult for you to move on with your life.

Sometimes you just have to forget what you want and think about what you deserve.

Sometimes you just have to change your mindset and look at the bigger picture. 

Instead of thinking that God hates you, try to look at it from His point of view. 

He is decluttering your life from toxicity.

He is teaching you how to love yourself more.

He is helping you build yourself into the person you were always supposed to be. 

He is clearing your path from everyone and everything that’s not meant to be, so you can find true love and happiness in your soul.