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God Took Her Broken Pieces And Made Her New Again

God Took Her Broken Pieces And Made Her New Again

There was a time in her life when she felt like everyone had abandoned her.

Her friends didn’t know what she was going through but the man she loved more than anything had betrayed her.
She felt only sadness and grief.

She didn’t know how devastating it was to get your trust broken by the one you loved the most.

sad woman looking away

She didn’t know that betrayal is also a loss; a loss of someone who is still present and that’s what hurt the most.

The sweet illusions of security were shattered like glass. Not every relationship is what it seems but she didn’t realize that in time.

She believed in him; she believed he was the right man for her. She believed their love was real. But it was far from that.

depressed girl with head in the pillow

She learned that heartbreak is something that can’t be healed overnight. There is no easy fix.

That’s why she turned to the only thing that could help her get through it—trust in God. God was the only one who could heal her.

At first, she was angry at God for everything that happened to her. She blamed Him for making her life so hard.

sad woman crying by the sea

She didn’t think that she deserved what happened to her and she refused to see it any other way.

However, little by little, she started noticing little signs on the way that led her closer to Him.

God always made sure to show up in the most incredible ways and give her hope when she needed it the most.

calm woman praying God

She understood that whatever was happening to her was just a lesson to be learned. A lesson to grow.

She embraced all her feelings, her sadness, her anger, her disappointment, and that was the moment when they stopped feeling like a burden.

The heavy weight on her shoulder was lifted by God right at the moment when she accepted the truth about herself and her path.

young woman sitting by the window

God had been waiting for her to be ready. He showed her that she is always whole despite the pain she goes through.

Pain doesn’t have to leave us shattered. It’s only fatal if we let it be.

In fact, it’s one of the biggest catalysts for change that teaches us so much about ourself and lets us better our life.

mindful woman sitting by the lake

That’s how she learned that God is always with her. He is the glue that holds her soul in place. Her mind and heart were finally one.

Once she knew He was with her at all times, she felt safe and encouraged to take action.

She took responsibility for her life. She got a wave of courage and started building her life again. Not only her life but herself too.

calm woman meditates on the beach

Big choices and losses didn’t scare her anymore. What does one have to lose when God is with them?

She knew there would always be some difficult times but she also knew that nothing could crush her again.

Trust in God is something that can’t be broken. God will never betray you. He will never leave you alone.

young woman meditates outdoor

When she decided to let God in her life, she then started to feel like herself again. She felt worthy again.

She felt like she had found her way again. Every day seemed like a new opportunity to do something good, for herself and others.

God opened her eyes to see herself as she is—beautiful despite everything that had happened to her. He showed her that everything can change if she believes.

beautiful smiling woman posing

He opened her eyes to see life as a journey with challenges and not as suffering. She felt at peace knowing that there’s something bigger than her.

Letting God in her life made her realize that no relationship without God can last.

So she let go of hurt and regret and promised herself to accept only what’s in alignment with the will of God.

relaxed woman with closed eyes

One rock bottom moment in her life was enough to show her that weakness can’t last if you have strength given from God; you can’t fail if you remain faithful to Him.

With God, all the things she never imagined possible became possible. She felt like she was coming home after a long time in search of something lost.

She found God and through God, she found herself again.

God Took Her Broken Pieces And Made Her New Again