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How Each Zodiac Acts When They Are In Love

How Each Zodiac Acts When They Are In Love


When an Aries falls in love, you will know it for sure. They are pretty honest and they don’t hesitate to say what is on their mind. Maybe that is due to their impulsive personality. They want it all and they want it now.

They are also very traditional in that sense. They will court you and make grand gestures. Almost everything they do, they do right. Falling in love is one of those things.

They will ask a lot of questions because they want to know everything about your life. They want to have all the information they can gather to be able to win you over more easily.


They will announce it to everyone they know. They will shout that they love you at the top of their lungs.

If you try to talk to them about the future, don’t expect to get any answers. They won’t give them to you but not because they don’t care, it’s because they care too much and don’t want to get ahead of themselves and end up with a broken heart.

Their ultimate dream is to create a nice and stable relationship that will last until the end but the problem is, they will never tell you that.


They don’t like to expose their feelings. They are very sociable but they would rather choose to hide their vulnerable side because deep down they are scared of getting hurt.

From the outside, all you see is the fun and crazy side of a Gemini but on the inside they are haunted by their insecurity, which triggers their suppressed anxiety.

Usually, they are known as flirty and prone to cheating but when they truly commit to the right person, they become a different person—sensitive and generous.

Also, when they are in love, they can’t hide it. It’s written all over their face.


They are natural caretakers. They enjoy love, relationships, being in love and pretty much anything that has to do with love.

They will tuck you in bed or buy you your favorite food as a surprise. They will really do anything just to make you happy.

Although they love being in love, it’s not that easy for them to actually fall in love. They are very cautious regarding love because when they love someone, they are in it for the rest of their life.


They love to be in control in real life and concerning their emotions. They are used to being in control and in charge of the relationship. Others usually chase them.

So when they fall in love, they lose control of their feelings and they want to get things done as soon as possible to get that control back.

They will brag to others about you. They will talk constantly about what you do, how you look and so on.

They will never string you along because they are very honest about their feelings for someone. Usually, when they fall in love, they don’t fall out of love that easily. They will do their best to keep you safe and protect you from everything.


They overthink things way too much. So when they fall in love, they keep it to themselves. They are extremely scared of getting hurt, so they will build their walls way up high, trying to avoid heartbreak.

They don’t want to be led by their heart because the rational part of them is the side they prefer more. They will try to include logic in everything but when they fall in love, that logic suddenly doesn’t make any sense and that’s why they feel lost.

They will reveal all their cards but only after they are completely sure that you feel the same about them. They won’t take any unnecessary risks.


When a Libra falls in love, their selflessness is shown to the fullest. They don’t care only about their own feelings and their own happiness; they will worry about if you’re completely satisfied with the relationship too.

They’ll shower you with attention and use their charisma and sweet talk to sweep you off your feet. When it comes to romance, they are the best.

They are great lovers and they are bursting with sexual energy. Be prepared for them using that move to make you fall in love with them. It’s so hard to resist them.


They are used to keeping their emotions to themselves. They don’t like public displays of love because it makes them feel vulnerable.

But when they fall in love with someone, it completely throws them off their game. It’s even possible for them to avoid you, just to not let you see that they love you.

The good thing is that the fact they avoid you creates a mystical feel to them, which makes the person they are hiding from even more interested in them.


When they fall in love, they become happy and perky. A lot of people think that this is only an act to make them more likable but actually, this is really how they feel.

Once they get to trust you, they will let you in completely. They will show you their intellectual and vulnerable sides. All their cards are going to be on the table.

They are usually very sincere and if they see that your relationship doesn’t have a future, they will tell you straight up.

When they love you, they will spend most of their time with you and shower you with presents and affection.


Capricorns are very practical in real life and in love. They don’t like the chase or playing hard to get. If they like you, they will tell you right to your face.

It can happen that they keep their feelings to themselves but that is just because they themselves are not sure of how they feel. But once they are, they will definitely let you know.

They are brutally realistic and sometimes hard to handle but once you crack them open, they will love you for the rest of your life.


They value their independence over everything else. So even when they fall in love, they try to stay detached for as long as possible.

But since they are very reasonable people, they know that they can’t live the rest of their life alone and that they have to learn to trust others.

Once they realize this, they are open to love all the way and that’s the only way they know how.


When they are in love, their life turns into a fairy tale. You’ll enjoy being the object of their affection. They will take you along to their dreamland and show you how creative they are.

They believe in soulmates and if they think they have found theirs, you’ll definitely know. You will never lack love and affection because they will give it their all.