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This Is How Each Zodiac Knows Their Relationship Is Over

This Is How Each Zodiac Knows Their Relationship Is Over

Everyone has something they simply can’t tolerate in a relationship.

No matter how much we love someone, there are things we’re not willing to forgive and forget.

Your partner can do as little as one wrong thing to make you see there’s no future for you two.

Find out what is a deal-breaker for every sign of the zodiac.


One thing an Aries absolutely needs in their relationship is passion. If things between an Aries and their partner seem to be cooling down too much, they won’t be too happy to stay.

Now, Aries is more than willing to try and fix things. They will try to do anything to get the spark back.

Aries will go out of his/her way to make things right but if it doesn’t seem like the relationship can be salvaged, they won’t wait for things to break off completely.

They will leave, unwilling to waste any more time or energy. They will be brutally honest and won’t try to sugarcoat it.

It’s likely they will leave their partner in the middle of a big argument, impulsive as they are.


Trust—the most important thing for a Taurus in love. If their trust is broken, expect them to break up the relationship immediately.

Well, if there is some room for forgiving you, they might be willing to do that in case you two have a lot of history together.

Once their trust is broken, they feel like there’s absolutely nothing to do in that relationship anymore.

Being dishonest with them or cheating on them is a huge no-no.

Also, Taurus won’t stay in a relationship when they don’t feel loved. It’s not about romantic gestures for them, it’s about the feeling of being cared for.

If they decide to break up, there’s no turning back from that point.

They will give their (ex) partner a long speech about how and why things went the way and that it so that they can both have some closure.


Being judged is something a Gemini can’t forgive. If they choose to settle down with you, it means that they think highly of you and love you a lot.

Gemini doesn’t just show their true colors to anyone, nor do they share their deepest thoughts with someone they don’t really care about.

If they show you a less pretty side of their personality or even something they aren’t proud of and you judge them harshly, they won’t be able to get past that.

They may not break up the relationship immediately but it is one hundred percent doomed.

They have a hard time hurting people’s feelings so their partner can expect some mixed feelings at the end of their relationship, like breaking up with them one day and then giving them false hope the next.


Indifference on your side is something a Cancer won’t forgive. Cancer is emotional, wearing their heart on their sleeve.

Now, they don’t expect you to be exactly the same but they need you to be able to talk about how you feel, especially about them.

Letting them wonder if you love them just won’t work with them. Loving them and showing it as often as possible is a must.

Acting as if you don’t care, or genuinely not caring, won’t get you far since Cancer will break things off with you.

When breaking up with you, they might be the one crying instead of you since they don’t really want to break things off but know that they need to.


Being criticized too often will be unbearable for a Leo. They are very much aware of their worth and expect to be praised for their virtues.

Yes, they can take some constructive criticism but getting told constantly that they are doing things the wrong way is not going to make them want to stay with their partner.

This will absolutely tear them up and if they notice their partner is not willing to try and help them get past it, this will make up their mind and they’ll decide to break it all off.

You can expect a dramatic break-up from Leo, depending on how mad you made them.

They won’t wait before getting back to their life the best they know how—meeting new people and having fun.


Virgo is great at giving advice. They are very analytical and they can’t resist trying to help you resolve the issues you have in your life (and let’s be honest, everybody has some issues).

The biggest part of them showing they love you is actively participating in your life.

If you refuse to listen to them and seem unable to accept their advice, they won’t spend too much time with you.

They want to be listened to and you being unable to do that will be a deal-breaker for them.

If they decide to break things off, they will explain the reason behind that in detail to their partner.

They don’t dwell on the past and will move on quickly. Don’t expect to be friends with them afterward.


Librans avoid confrontation. Too much bickering is definitely going to chase them away but that’s not the unforgivable part when it comes to Librans.

Even though they don’t like conflict, they will fight for the person they love.

If your relationship seems to be going the wrong way and they try to save it and fight for what the two of you have but you don’t join the fight, they won’t be able to get past that.

They are invested and they need to know their partner is invested too and to prove it by fighting for the relationship when it starts to feel broken.

They will break up with their partner in such a nice way the person won’t even know whether they’re still together or not.

They move on very quickly, usually with someone new.


While Scorpio is aware that no one is perfect and they are very willing to look past your mistakes, there is one thing they can’t forgive; that thing is betrayal.

If Scorpio decides to commit to someone, it means that they believe this person can be trusted with everything.

They don’t take a decision to be in a serious relationship with someone lightly.

If you, on the other hand, break that trust, you will be dead to them. Your relationship has no way of recovering after something like that.

It’s not their style to just end things; they might want some kind of revenge for how you treated them.


To satisfy Sagittarius’ needs, you have to be very special. They have a lot of expectations from their partner as well as from themselves too.

If they start feeling like they are not the best version of themselves while they are in a relationship with you, consider the relationship done.

Also, they are very adventurous and if they start feeling like you are slowing them down, that will be a deal-breaker.

It’s just a part of them that they are not willing to compromise on.

They are the most willing of all signs to remain friends after a break-up. They also never end things completely, leaving an open door to getting back to you in case they want to.


Capricorn operates on logic. If there’s something wrong happening in their relationship, they will take any logical step they can think of in order to save things.

They are fully aware that good things in life take effort and they are willing to try very hard to save a relationship.

If none of the things they try work to fix things between them and their partner, they will end the relationship without feeling too bad about it.

They are practical and believe that if they tried their best and did everything they could, there’s no need to feel sorry since it was clearly out of their hands.

They end things quickly and directly and leave some space for themselves to mourn the relationship.


Aquarius enjoys meeting new people and starting new relationships. To them, it’s all exciting and fun.

One thing they expect to have at all costs is a part of the independence they had before committing to someone.

They would rather be alone than with the wrong person, so consider the relationship done if you have a problem with them keeping a part of their life and personality to themselves.

This is something Aquarius simply can’t go on without.

They might not even tell you that you two are breaking up. If they disappear from your life, you can assume the relationship is over.


It can take quite a while for Pisces to dump you. They are known for being romantic and being able to fall deeply in love.

They aren’t selfish and will continue to give and give for a long time.

However, if they realize that the relationship is one-sided and that they are the only one in it who is constantly giving, they won’t think twice before breaking things off.

They have a lot of love and attention to give but they need to be appreciated and loved back in order for a relationship to thrive.

They will break up with a lot of emotions and try to remain friends, even if it’s more painful for them that way.