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I Don’t Need A Man To Be Happy

I Don’t Need A Man To Be Happy

Everywhere I turn, I am surrounded by couples. They are kissing each other in the streets. They are holding each other’s hands, and they seem happy.

Society wants to impose its belief that people are created to spend their lifetimes with their second halves.

Therefore, it can get pretty depressing for us single women to be alone on all those holidays which are spent with dating partners.

It can get pretty depressing to be the only one of your female friends not to have a partner.

It can get pretty depressing to be considered a bit odd if you have nobody in your love life.

Sometimes, only sometimes, I catch myself feeling lonely and wishing I also had that special person I could enjoy myself with.

From time to time people tell me, “You are too beautiful to be single!” or, “Don’t you think it is high time you found someone!”

But the reality is that being single also has certain advantages. I am happy on my own, too.

I feel comfortable with myself, and I don’t need anybody to tell me that I need a man to make me happy. Besides, I make decisions on my own, and nobody objects to me.

I do not need to make excuses whenever I do something wrong. And I have all the time in this world to dedicate to self-care.

I get dressed up. I have makeovers. I go shopping. I go to parties and get tipsy. Being single is as exciting as having a relationship.

Besides, nobody expects me to look good all the time, so I don’t have that tense feeling to always look gorgeous.

Even without having a man by my side, my life still has lots of emotional rollercoasters.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Thanks to them I realize that the most important thing is to be surrounded with good people, people who care about me.

Our relationships are based on mutual respect and honesty. I grow as a person each day.

I have had enough time to figure out who my true friends are, and I choose to treasure them and spend some quality time with them whenever I have the chance.

I know that if something bad happens to me, I will have their support and love.

Not having a man is not a reason enough to feel depressed all the time.

I am happy to be surrounded with good people. I am happy for feeling satisfied with myself thanks to all the self-work I have done.

Sometimes people choose wrong partners just to avoid being single.

I believe that it is better to stay single than to find a man who will end up hurting me.

This doesn’t mean that I do not want to have a man by my side. Of course, I do.

I also want to feel butterflies in my stomach every time I see him. I also want to have someone who will kiss me passionately.

I also want to have someone who will love me at my worst.

However, I choose to wait long enough until the right one appears. I choose not to waste time on someone who is not worthy of me.

I choose to spend time on my own, give myself the chance to improve as a person and figure out what I want from my life.

That’s how I will be ready when the right person comes along.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a love life is not a career and that I should not be chasing it.

If it is meant for me to find a soulmate, then I will meet him some day. But if it is not meant to be like that, it is perfectly okay with me.

With or without a man by my side, I have learned to be happy and stay happy.