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I Hope You Learned Something From Breaking My Heart

I Hope You Learned Something From Breaking My Heart

I get it. My time with you has expired and I don’t get another chance.

Truth to be told, I don’t really want it.

Even though I might still love you, even though it might still hurt whenever I hear your name, I don’t want you back.

You made me the happiest person for a while and then you made me the most miserable person on this earth. Yeah, love can do that to you sometimes.

Your love was both my blessing and my curse. That’s why I hope she won’t have to go through the same hell you’ve put me through.

I hope you answer her when she rings you up.

When she calls for the tenth time dead scared that something might’ve happened to you, I hope you pick up the phone.

When she rings you to see if you’re coming over or just to hear your voice, I hope you answer.

When she feels insecure about who are you with, I hope you pick up the phone and show her there is nothing to worry about. That you’re only hers and that you’re always available to her, just like you were never available for me.

I hope you’re there when she needs you the most.

Are her 3 am thoughts filled with happiness or with fear of losing you?

Make her feel like she can always rely on you. Make her know that in her darkest days, you’re there for her like you are there when she’s happy and she doesn’t need anything from you.

Hope this time you’ll know the balance between taking and giving. Hope you’re there for her when she just needs a hug and that you are fine with falling asleep without having sex that night.

Hope you touch her soul gently just like you touch her body.

I hope you don’t bring her down.

I honestly hope that you won’t use her as your punching bag. I hope you don’t take everything out on her just to make you feel better.

I hope you don’t pick fights with her just to bring her down and make her feel like shit so she would be grateful that you’re putting up with her. God, I wish you don’t have that need as you did with me.

I hope you respect her.

I hope you give her the love she deserves. I hope you kiss her and hug her when she comes to your table at the bar instead of mocking and ignoring her. I hope you proudly present her to your friends instead of laughing at her with them.

I hope you know her value—the value of a woman who loves you, who puts up with your mood swings, and who is constantly putting an effort into the two of you.

I hope you don’t play mind games with her.

I hope you don’t make her less worthy or make her feel guilty for everything. Hope you won’t make her feel scared—scared of losing you.

Scared that she might not find somebody better than you and that she should feel blessed for being with you no matter how you treat her. That’s all crap.

Do you know why?

Because, sooner or later, she’s gonna figure you out, just like I did.

Because, sooner or later, she’ll realize she can find somebody better than you—just like I did.