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If He’s The Type Of Guy Who Only Cares When You Don’t, Leave

If He’s The Type Of Guy Who Only Cares When You Don’t, Leave

When you stop caring, he suddenly starts to care more. When you pull back a little, he tries to pull you back in. When you ignore his texts, he triple texts you.

And when you finally give in and give him the attention he craves so badly, he suddenly pulls all the way back and becomes distant and uninterested.

Sound familiar?

This is a guy many of us have had the displeasure of knowing at some point in our life. A guy who treats love like it is a game of who cares more and who can be the bigger asshole.

Clearly, he wins, because you fall for it every time. (Not your fault btw.)

Every single time he gives you a glimmer of hope that he will treat you better and not just care when he fears losing you, you end up disappointed.

Every time you give him the benefit of the doubt and decide to go against your better judgment, he shows you just how immature and selfish he is.

It’s all just a game to him. He desperately seeks attention that he is unable to reciprocate and all just to feel better about himself.

Usually, he’ll pop up in your life at the worst moment imaginable.

You’ll think you’re finally over him and that he’s out of your head and he’ll start texting you out of the blue.

When you’re finally in a good place and you’re doing so well, he’ll re-appear to remind you of the lingering feelings you still have for him.

He has this superpower where he pops up out of nowhere when you need him the least and disrupts your life, your mind and the inner peace you were just starting to regain.

He knows you have a soft spot for him and that no matter how hard you try… you won’t be able to resist him.

When he does something really shitty, he makes up for it with some grand gesture that is supposed to make you forget about it.

When he senses that you are finally getting ready to move on with your life (without him in it) he’ll suddenly start telling you everything you’ve been wanting to hear for so long.

When you tell him how much he hurt you, he’ll shift the blame onto you, making you appear somehow responsible for his actions.

This man will always give you crumbs and ask for the world in return. He will never be what you need and especially not what you deserve.

You are worth so much more than bits and pieces of his affection at times when it’s convenient for him.

He will always reach out to you but never be able to fully catch you.

With him, you’ll always have half of everything. Just enough to feel like you’re going somewhere… but nowhere near enough to actually feel fulfilled and content.

When you’re dealing with this guy, it’s important to show him that when you say you’re leaving, you mean it. He won’t believe you and he’ll test you, be sure of that. Don’t fall for it.

He’s never going to be enough. He is not what you need.

When he suddenly tells you all the things that you want to hear, make sure there are actions to substantiate these claims. Don’t let him fool you with his charming, boyish smile and those puppy dog eyes.

You know him better than that.

Don’t allow an insecure boy to dictate your life. You know better than to give in to this child’s play.

A real man respects you and your time. He tells you he loves you and he proves it. He says what you want to hear and supports it with his actions. He appreciates you for who you are and never tries to change you.

That is what a real man does. Anything else, don’t bother wasting your time on.

If you have to wonder about the status of your relationship, there is no relationship; merely a man who picks and chooses days when he feels like taking advantage of your kind love.

Learn to see through this and don’t indulge him ever again. It will crush his ego and feed your soul.