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If You Send Him These 8 Texts You Will Push Him Away

If You Send Him These 8 Texts You Will Push Him Away

Texting a guy can be real science. You need to think about every message you are going to text him and you need to know when to say something.

You should be especially careful when sending him texts that he can interpret as clingy or needy because he can leave you thinking that you want serious things too soon.

That’s why I am here to tell you what not to text in order to keep the guy. So, read carefully and make him kill to be your boyfriend.

“Please, don’t leave me. I can’t live without you”

If you text something like this, it will look like a cry for help. It shows that you are desperate and that you will put up with anything just to keep him in your life.

If you have any self-respect, you won’t send this message and you will work on yourself.

Maybe you think it is a good thing to let him know how you feel but honey, trust me, it won’t help you to keep him in your life. It will just make things worse.

“I don’t want a better man than you”

If you got a message like this from your man, what would you think? It wouldn’t be something that would make you happy, right?

Instead, you would feel that you could do whatever you want to him and that he will love you regardless of anything. Well, he doesn’t think any differently from you.

By doing something like this you, are showing that he is the only man for you and that you are not thinking about other options, no matter what he does.

And let me say, keeping your options open is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself.

“I am sorry for making you mad. It won’t happen again”

Again, you are giving him your heart on a platter. When you say these words, you are letting him know that you will do what he wants every time you want to do something that makes you happy.

If your guy can’t live with the fact that you have your own life and that you are allowed to have fun without him, then you should have nothing to do with him.

But don’t let him treat you this way. Don’t apologize for being happy without him. Don’t turn out the fire in your eyes just so you could make him feel satisfied.

No man deserves something like this. And the one who does will never make you go through this.

“I am thinking about you all the time. Will you be home soon?”

If you send him a text like this, you are letting him know that he is the center of your world. Instead of having fun with your friends, you are sitting there and waiting for him to come home.

You are sending him the message that you are desperate when he is not there and you need him like crazy.

A message like this won’t sweep any man off of his feet but it will definitely make him ignore and neglect you.

Be smart and let him know that you can have fun without him just like he does without you.

“Where are you now? I called you but you didn’t answer”

Okay, this is definitely not a message your man wants to get from you. It is not a message you would like to get from him either. This is pure controlling, especially if it happens every day.

If you send a message like this, your man will feel like you are suffocating him.

He will feel like you need to know what is happening in his life every second and that can be pretty irritating.

I know that you will want to know where he is sometimes but do yourself a favor and leave the phone alone. Count to ten and take a deep breath.

Trust me, you will think differently when you give yourself some time. And no problem, you will thank me later.

“I will do whatever you want. Just be with me”

No, you won’t do whatever he wants because you have something that is called self-respect.

You don’t need a man who will take you for granted while you are making his wishes come true.

By sending a message like this, you are giving yourself to someone so he can do whatever he wants with you.

No man deserves something like that. Plus, it won’t be interesting for him to be with you because you are giving yourself without a chase.

This is the perfect way to lose a guy so make sure that you never send a text like this.

“Who was that girl you were talking to?”

Sending a text like this is the same as going straight to his face and screaming how insecure you are. But you don’t want to leave that impression, right?

Even if you are worried about him talking to another girl, don’t ever show it.

In that way, you will just make him think that you are needy and clingy and that you are not okay with him talking to other women.

The more you do this, the more you will push him away so think twice if this is a text you really want to send.

“I will be waiting for you to come home tonight”

If your man is out with his friends and he gets a text like this from you while he is having fun with the boys, just know that he will instantly feel down.

He doesn’t want you to wait for him and he doesn’t want you to text him while he is out with the guys.

If he doesn’t do that to you then why would you do it to him? It will just show him that you are worried about what might happen while he is out and how late he will get home.

That is something that won’t be a big problem in the beginning but if it continues, he will leave you for that.