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If Your Bestie Does These 8 Things, You Should Never Let Her Go

If Your Bestie Does These 8 Things, You Should Never Let Her Go

She accepts you just the way you are

If your friend accepts you just the way you are and if she never tries to change you, then you should hold on to her because she is a real friend.

Maybe you are not perfect and maybe you don’t always go for the things she likes but she respects you and doesn’t want to force you to do things you don’t like.

She never judges you and doesn’t make any bad comments about the things you do.

Instead, she is there to support you and to be there when you need her.

She is the type of friend who wouldn’t mind ending up in jail with you and would probably say how fun it was!

She protects you

Every girl needs someone who can protect her. Sometimes when you don’t have a man to do that, it is more than okay to have a friend who will take on that role.

And I don’t need to say how sweet it is when one girl protects another one.

So, if you have someone who acts like this toward you, then just know that you have a best friend for a lifetime and with her, you will never walk alone.

A friend like this will be there for you whenever you need her and she will do everything to make you feel better. A friend like this will be like a sister you never had.

She can make you smile even if you are crying

Do you remember those times when you felt like your world was falling apart and your bestie came along and told you something that made you roll on the floor laughing?

That is what matters in a real friendship, someone who can make you smile even if you think it is the end of the world.

It is so important to have a friend who has the ability to make you forget all that bothers you and to remind you how life can be beautiful.

With a friend like that, you will never suffer alone because every time she will be there and will say the right words—words that will bring a smile to your face that you crave so much!

She will always listen to you

A best friend will always be there to listen to you, even if you are talking nonsense.

To her, everything you say will make sense and she will never tell you that she is bored by you.

She knows that something like that would hurt your feelings and that is the last thing she wants to do.

So, if you have a friend who is always there to listen to your love problems and comfort you, don’t let her go because she is worthy.

Remember that good friends are hard to find these days so if you have one, it means that you are blessed.

And you should never let go of your blessings, right?

She knows all your darkest secrets

If your bestie knows all your darkest secrets and doesn’t judge you on them, you should never let her go.

It means that she maybe doesn’t like the things you do but she knows that you deserve another chance.

And she is there to tell you that we all make mistakes but that we shouldn’t let them define us.

A real friend will always try to get the best out of you and she will never stop protecting you.

She will fight for your rights just as she does for herself and that is something you should be thankful to her for.

She will encourage you

If your bestie encourages you to try new things, just know that by doing that, she helps you tremendously.

She fights for you when you are too weak to do so and what is most important is that she believes in you.

If she is the one who gives you wind to your wings and says that she believes you can do it, she is really one of a kind.

She is special and you should treat her like that.

People like that are so rare nowadays so make sure that you always tell her how much she means to you.

She feels empathy toward you

If your bestie always understands what you are going through and supports you in everything, she is a real friend.

Only a friend who really cared about you would act like that so you better never let her go.

Always show her how blessed you are to have her by your side because she is like a guardian angel God sent to protect you.

She can deeply feel all the bad things that happen to you and she is there to tell you that things will be okay eventually.

She is there to tell you that you shouldn’t lose hope and to help you in any way she can.

She simply loves you

If your friend does everything to make you happy and satisfied, you should know that she really loves you.

Because only a person who truly cares will do something nice for another.

If she acts like an older sister toward you, making you feel safe, loved, and beautiful, boosting your self-esteem and being your support, just know that she is the real deal.

She knows that real friends always stick to each other and that is what she wants to do with you.

She wants to have you in her life forever and that’s why she makes so much effort.

Trust me, a friend like this is a real blessing and you should be thankful for having her.