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If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, He Is A Demisexual

If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, He Is A Demisexual

Some of you probably heard about the term Demisexual but for the ones who are still living in the dark, a Demisexual person is an individual who doesn’t want to have sex until they develop an emotional relationship with someone.

People like this are not attracted to sexy topics like people of their age and they feel uncomfortable when their friends talk about that.

This is a hot topic these days and you might be in company with a man who is Demisexual but hiding it.

But here are some proven things that can reveal his real feelings, so stay tuned.

Your relationship started as a friendship

The catch with Demisexuals is that they will never date someone if they don’t get to know that person very well.

So, if your relationship with your partner started based on friendship, it can be a sign that you are dating a Demisexual.

It means that your man didn’t feel comfortable engaging in a relationship with you until he got to know you better and what is the best way to do that than to be your friend?

Sex isn’t so important to him

If you are engaged in a relationship with a Demisexual, sex won’t be on the top on the list of his priorities. I mean, he will enjoy it, but he won’t think a lot about it.

Things that will matter the most to him are intellectual talks and exchanging interesting ideas.

A man like this will always want to explore what you think and how you solve problems rather than to go for your body.

His friends call him a ‘prude’

If you were paying attention to all the small things your partner and his friends talk about, you will see that they call him a ‘prude’ here and there.

They just want to let him know that he is too good and that he should loosen up a bit. But he doesn’t want to do that because he feels great this way.

He has deep a connection with his friends

For a man like this, friends are as important as his partner and he cherishes them because he knows that a true friend is a real blessing.

Also, in most cases, men like this develop love relationships that are based on friendships, so it is no wonder that he puts his friends first.

It is the truth that he doesn’t have a lot of friends because it is quite hard to understand someone like this, but the ones he has are real friends that would do anything for him.

He never had a one-night-stand

If your man told you that he never had a one-night stand and that things like that make him sick, you can see that he is not like the rest of the men.

It is a known fact that all guys have had at least one one-night-stand but if your man didn’t have it, it can be a sign that he is a Demisexual, a man who simply doesn’t enjoy those things.

Love is more important than lust to him

The catch with Demisexuals is that they can’t feel lust for someone if they don’t fall in love with that person in the first place.

They are extremely emotionally sensitive and true feelings mean more than any wild hookup to them.

He didn’t have a problem to commit to you

Most of the guys have cold feet when they need to commit to their girlfriends but Demisexuals don’t have those problems.

If your guy committed to you after he saw that you are what he has been looking for, it can be a sign that he is a Demisexual.

Talk is much more important to him than sex

While the rest of the guys can’t wait a moment to sleep with their girlfriends, your man is the one who sits with you even if it is 2 A.M. and talks about life.

The thing is that he likes to have intellectual talk rather than having sex because that doesn’t turn him on so much. But if he sees that you are a great conversationalist, he will be so excited!

9. He never flirts

You had so many situations in which you would look at some woman, admiring her beauty, but your partner didn’t react at all.

So you were asking yourself if everything is fine with him because every normal man would at least look at a girl like that.

The same is with flirting—he never does it because he doesn’t see any point in that.

He doesn’t like porn

While most men watch porn here and there, your man isn’t anything like them.

He says that it doesn’t turn him on and that he already has you, so he doesn’t need any extra stimulant.

He can’t get turned on by seeing some sexy images because he first needs to develop an emotionally strong relationship with someone.

So all in all, you got lucky to have a man like this who will always be faithful and who you can build your future with.