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If You’re Doing These 7 Things, You’re Letting Him Play You

If You’re Doing These 7 Things, You’re Letting Him Play You

You keep dating the same type of men

When you look back at your exes, you see that almost all of them have a lot of similarities and the one thing that sticks out the most is their asshole behavior.

Clearly, you are not doing this on purpose. They don’t show their true face until you are already hooked and it’s too late.

But there might be some early signs that they are bad news that you should watch out for. Start choosing wisely who you give your heart to.

You gift him your trust instead letting him earn it

Why would you believe someone you hardly know? What guarantees do you have that this person won’t double-cross you? You have none.

Trust is something that people should earn over time. So make sure you don’t rush into things.

It’s less risky that way and there are fewer chances that someone will play you.

You want him to be your forever person and you want it bad

This will be hard for you to admit to yourself but ask yourself whether you love that person or the idea of him.

Maybe you are just so eager to be in a committed relationship that you are hoping that he is the right man for you.

Do you fall in love easily? Were there already a couple of guys you thought were the real deal until it all went south?

If the answer is yes, you are letting him play you and you are playing yourself.

The thing is that your desire for love is so strong that you choose to see only the good parts while you blindly ignore the bad ones.

When the right one is there, there will be no need to force things or work so hard to keep him by your side.

Remember you can’t hurry love, it has its own time zone and there is nothing any of us can do about it, no matter how exhausted we might be from the wrong guys.

You give him countless opportunities to let you down

Some people are really rare to deserve a second chance and all the rest really don’t. And every chance you give after a second one is one too many.

The problem is that you don’t even realize that you are giving someone a third, fourth… thirty-sixth chance to play you all over again because you feed yourself with the hope that next time it will all be different.

Stop doing that ASAP. It won’t be different, it will be only worse. People who betray you, walk out on you and abuse your feelings in any way don’t deserve a spot in your life.

You care for him more than you care for yourself

No matter how strong your feelings are or how hard you love someone, you should always love yourself a bit more.

You shouldn’t give parts of yourself to somebody who doesn’t give anything back.

You shouldn’t allow anybody to disrespect you or treat you lousily just because you love them or you don’t want to be alone.

That isn’t loving, that’s settling for a life without real love.

You are feeding yourself lies

“He is not all that bad,” or, “He just needs time,” or, “We shared so many happy memories, I am sure he can be that person again.”

If you catch yourself saying any of these sentences or some similar ones, you are allowing him to play you.

He can’t live on past glory, he has to be good to you right now. He has to care for you and treat you right now, not tomorrow, not in a few months or years.

Stop making excuses for him and acknowledge that you deserve way more than him.

You are ignoring your intuition

You know deep down that he is wrong for you, you feel that something is out of place and that he isn’t being truthful.

Instead of relying on your intuition, you keep silencing it because you are attracted to him and you hope you are wrong.

You are not wrong; if something smells bad, it’s bad, there is no doubt about it. Learn to listen to your instincts as they are hardly ever wrong.