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I’m Officially Tired Of Being An Afterthought

I’m Officially Tired Of Being An Afterthought

I’m tired of being your second choice and not being your priority, when I always put you first.

It seems that you only come to me when you have nowhere else to go, and that for all these years you’ve been treating me like your last resort and safety net.

I don’t expect to be the centre of your world and I never asked you to disregard your entire life just because I came along.

However, I’m your girlfriend and I shouldn’t be the one you call only when everyone else has stood you up or abandoned you.

sad woman sitting on the floor

The one you come to for reassurance that you’re still important to someone, or the one you use as an ego boost.

I’m sick of having to fit in to your plans, like my schedule doesn’t matter.

I’m weary of having to wait the whole day for you to decide whether you can be bothered to come and pick me up like we agreed, and of putting my entire life on hold for you.

I’m done waiting for you to choose me. Done with patiently waiting for you to get your shit together and realize that you should start treating me better.

Done with comparing myself to your exes and every other girl near you.

mad woman talking with boyfriend

Done with competing with your career, with your hobbies, clubbing, and everything else that is obviously more important than me.

Done with giving you time to make up your mind.

I’m tired of feeling like second best. And that is exactly how you make me feel – like you’re with me just because I’m the only one available and that you’ll dump me as soon as someone better comes along.

Because guess what – I’m a catch, even though you fail to see it.

This might sound as cocky but I have a lot to offer – I’m pretty, smart, interesting, have a great sense of humour and everyone enjoys my company. That is – everyone but you.

unhappy couple arguing on the couch

Most importantly – I’m an awesome girlfriend. And I will be the best for someone who sees my worth and who knows how to appreciate it.

I’m done begging for your love and affection.

Done with chasing you around to be with me, done with feeling like I’m forcing you to stay in this relationship and done with settling for bread crumbs of your attention.

I’m done with acting like I won the jackpot every time you treat me the way a normal boyfriend should treat the girl he loves.

Done with envying all the other couples who have mature, healthy relationships and I’m done with hoping that one day, ours will become the same.

sad woman sitting on the rock by the sea

I’m tired of being the only one trying, while you put no effort into our relationship at all.

Tired of making all the sacrifices, being the one to constantly initiate contact, and of being the only one trying to push us forward.

I’m tired of being the only one who believes in us as a couple and being the only one trying to save this relationship, which is obviously doomed to fail.

I’m done settling for less and putting up with the fact that you don’t love me enough. Yes, that’s the truth, so let’s start calling things by their rightful name.

Let’s cut the crap – it’s not that you’re “like that”, it’s not that you have trouble showing emotion, that this is your way of showing affection or your maximum – you don’t love me enough, never did and never will.

woman crys while her boyfriend leaves

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that you’re completely indifferent. In fact, I bet you care for me to a certain extent but I want and deserve more.

I’m tired of giving you endless second chances.

Sick of your false promises that one of these days, things between us will change and that you’ll finally become the man you should have been since day one.

Because – let’s face it: that will never happen. And it’s about time for me to accept the harsh truth.

I’m done living in constant fear that you’ll abandon me. Done being afraid that one day, you’ll just vanish from my life, without any closure or a proper explanation.

calm woman standing outside and breathing

So, I’m leaving you. Yes, you heard that right – I’m breaking up with you and this time, I’m not making an empty threat so you’ll come to your senses for a few days.

I’m walking away because I would rather be alone and wait for a man who will give me the place I deserve than continue being your afterthought.

I’m Officially Tired Of Being An Afterthought