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She Isn’t Scared Of Falling In Love, She’s Scared Of Falling For The Wrong Guy

She Isn’t Scared Of Falling In Love, She’s Scared Of Falling For The Wrong Guy

Sometimes life teaches you a lesson that you didn’t sign up to attend.

Sometimes life throws punches from all sides and even though you never fought before in such a match, you have to swing and fight back if you don’t want to end up knocked down.

She didn’t want to have her heart broken. She didn’t sign up for any of it, yet she found herself deep in it.

All she ever wanted was to love and be loved. All she ever wanted was someone who would reciprocate her feelings and her efforts.

She wanted someone who would try as hard as she did, someone who would be honest and who wouldn’t wish anything bad on her.

But she ended up being used, constantly let down and disappointed.

All she got was a handful of empty promises, hopes and expectations that never came to life, a future that looked like hell and a present she wanted desperately to run from.

She got the wrong guy in life. And with him came the wrong kind of love, you know, the one who just leaves you broken.

She got everything she was scared of and she got everything she never asked for. She stayed, eager for love, but afraid of it at the same time.

She knows what happened to her wasn’t love.

She knows that she did love, but that what she got back wasn’t love. She knows how she was treated wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t do anything to deserve it.

She knows that it might be the right kind of love with someone else, it’s just that she’s scared. She is perfectly aware of it. But nothing she tells herself makes the fear go away.

She isn’t scared of falling in love, but she is scared of falling for the wrong guy. Her life showed her that she can easily mistake love for something else.

What if she makes the same mistake again? What if she falls for the wrong guy again? What if she signs up for love and then gets broken again?

She deserves more than that in life. She deserves more than constantly getting broken by the people she chooses to love.

She deserves more than constantly being let down, she deserves more than unrequited love, she deserves more than being the only one trying.

What happened to her was something that shaped her into who she is. She isn’t thick-skinned, she’s just cautious. But she deserves to be loved.

She deserves true love, efforts that don’t have any hidden intentions and she deserves the right guy.

She built her walls up because of what happened to her. But they don’t need to remain up.

You can show her that there is more to her life than what she’s been through in her past.

She isn’t scared to love, but she needs someone who’ll show her that she’s worthy of it.

That he’s worth her lowering her guard, putting her walls down and allowing herself to feel again.  Be that someone to her.

Show her you’ll be there. Show her you’re nothing like the man who broke her.

Show her you have no intention other than loving her. And when she finally puts her walls down, don’t turn your back on her. Stay true to what you showed her.

She’s capable of loving you in a way you have never experienced before.

She’s able to show you how it feels to be loved and she’s able to take you to the skies with her love.

She’s able to make you feel like you’re the only man in this world. Because she isn’t scared of falling in love or loving, she’s only scared of falling for the wrong guy again.

So show her you’re not the wrong guy. Show her you’re worth it.